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India Tour- Go Exploring Beyond Imagination!

India’s colorful tapestry shows numerous personalities starting from spiritual location to an exotic honeymoon destination. Enchanting nature has been generous with India endowing it with all forms of landforms from deserts to lush tropical rainforest. May it be snow or barren hot sand dune; this country has got everything covered in a kaleidoscopic mixture of culture, tradition, rituals, religions and sensual flavors.

Are you looking for a destination that is a theater of chameleonic culture and tradition? A country that can be vividly explained only as paradise- India, has delightful attractions, vibrant culture and most importantly a banquet of all adventure activities that one can desire. Walk past the ancient monuments, ride the camel safari in the Sam Sand dune, paraglide, snorkel or, if you desire, walk a snow leopard or Bengal tiger from close quarters.

Beyond the grandeur opulence, India is humble and hospitality-filled nature. The country’s culture dictates that guest is god. India’s charm lies in locals who have managed to extend their lifestyle to accommodate the modernity and the beauty of tradition. From Himalayas to the turquoise Andaman, the place is filled with handicrafts, unique artifacts, exotic vegetation and precious articles. For every shopaholics, adventure lover, solitude seeker, party owl, backpacker and luxury lover, India transforms itself as the best tropical paradise in the world.

The rugged forts and ancient relics narrates the history of this heroic land. The sacred cities and spiritual destination symbolizes that every religion in the world can call India, as home. Numerous heritage sites and historic cities remind us the ancient Indians were artists by heart. India is a small portion of every flavor of tourism. Cruise through the backwaters, enjoy the floating lake, visit historic buildings, dive into the Indian Ocean with tropical fishes and much more.

India is a singular destination that has the capability and diversity to provide a regret-free vacation for every traveler.

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FAQs - India Tours

Q. What is the best place in India to visit?

A. India is a traveller’s delight. Every nook and corner is filled with something fascinating to witness. There is so much to see that picking up just one place seems like an impossible thing to do.

However, Ladakh is one place that never fails to disappoint. You can visit it anytime of the year and you will be speechless. You will be mesmerised by the greenery and scenic beauty of Ladakh. It is the perfect place for adventure enthusiasts as you can hike and trek here.

Apart from that, it is possible to even reach Ladakh on a bike. If you are looking to slow down, then this is the best place for you.

Q. Which is the best honeymoon destination for couples in India?

A. If you just want to get lost in your better half’s arms, then Andaman is the place for you. It just unlocks a different part of Earth al together. The place is filled with majestic beaches.

You can go for snorkelling and candle light dinner right on the beach. Apart from that, you can explore the different islands in a cruise. Also, watch the sunset hand in hand on the Western Beach in Andaman.

Q. What is the best place for tour in December in India?

A. In December, the weather is great in India. The best place to plan a tour in December is Rajasthan. The state is filled with forts and palaces. It also has the wonderful Thar Desert.

Hence, it is cold in December. You can start from Udaipur then go till Jaisalmer. You can include Jaipur, Jodhpur and Pushkar on the way. It is possible to experience the complete culture of Rajasthan as the seasonal dishes are also made during winters.

You can explore the cities on foot or by hiring a bicycle. It is possible to do an inter-city road trip as well.

Q. What places are covered in Golden Triangle Tour in India?

A. Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are covered in the Golden Triangle Tour of India. It is the perfect tour to the rich culture and history of India.

If you are visiting India for the first time, then make it a point to take the golden triangle tour. The tour begins with Delhi.

After that, you can always head to Agra. It contains the mesmerising Taj Mahal which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Apart from that, it also contains the Agra fort which is worth a visit. The last destination of the Golden Triangle is Jaipur. The places is immersed with the royal Rajasthani culture. There are a lot of palaces and forts to explore here.

Q. What are the best wildlife tours and safari experiences in India?

A. India is filled with some amazing forests and national parks. It is quite difficult to choose one experience as all offer a different vibe. Although, the ones that you should not miss include Rantambore National Park.

It is located in Rajasthan Tiger is the main attraction here. The other one is Hemis national park and it is located in Ladakh. The location itself is stunning and you get to discover snow leopards here. The other wildlife safari to experience is of Jim Corbett.

It is located in Uttarakhand and you can witness some fascinating wildlife species here. Apart from that, if you love Lions, then you must visit Sasan-Gir sanctuary. It is located in Gujarat and provides one of the best wildlife tour in India.

Q. What are the best destinations for honeymoon tour in India?

A. There are a lot of romantic places in India. It depends on the vibe you are looking for. If you want a romantic beach honeymoon, then you should head to Goa. It has some stunning beaches where it is possible to walk hand in hand with your better half while witnessing sunsets.

On the other hand, if you are looking for scenic views and mountains, then you should head to Coorg. It is located in the southern part of India. It has some coffee plantation estates where you can rent a villa and live. If you and your partner are in to trekking and river rafting, then this is the place for you.

Apart from that, you can always head to Jaipur as well. It has some amazing boutique hotels and palaces where you can stay with your better half and enjoy royalty.

Q. What is the best place in India to tour in the winter season (Dec–Jan)?
Q. Which are the best treks in India?
Q. What are the best romantic destinations in India?
Q. What are some good tourist spots for college tour in India?
Q. What are the best places to travel in India for adventure?
Q. What are the best tourist spots in Pune, India?

A. Pune is a wonderful city in India. Some of the attractions in Pune include Shivneri Fort and Aga Khan Palace. They are historical places which reflect the rich heritage of the place. The fort was the birth place of the great ruler Chattrapati Shivaji. The Aga Khan palace is one of the finest historical creations of the country.

Apart from that, you can visit the religious place like Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati temple. There are certain destinations that are located in the outskirts of the city. They include Sinhagad and Parvati Hill. Both offer some stunning views as they are located on hills.

Q. Which are the 3 best holiday destinations in India and why?

A. India has some great places but some of the destinations are evergreen. One of them is Srinagar which is located in Kashmir. It is the jewel of Kashmir as it contains nature, hospitality and some amazing experiences. The best experience here is the Shikara ride at Dal Lake.

Another destination is Mcleodganj which is located in Himachal Pradesh. It offers peace and tranquillity to its visitors. It is a good family holiday destination.

The third one is Kutch which is located in Gujarat. It is a rural place in India but the highlight here is the white desert which leaves everyone speechless.

Q. Is Rohtang Pass open in June and July?

A. Yes, the pass is open in June and July. However, the best time to visit the pass is May to June. The pass remains open from June to October for motor vehicles. After crossing the pass, it is possible to reach to Spiti, Panagi and Leh. The pass is located at a height of 3979 meters.

Q. Is India safe to visit?

A. India is a safe place to visit. However, it is important to take certain precautions while travelling here. However, petty theft is quite common here. You should always keep some cash safe in your bag for emergency because pickpocketing is a common problem here.

Also, make sure that you know one local person in whatever city you are travelling. Apart from that, people are friendly and welcoming. Just try to learn a few Hindi phrases as not everyone speaks English.

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