Himachal Pradesh (Abode of God)

Himachal Pradesh is the land enriched with serene lakes, ancient temples, and a cheerful culture. Himachal region is home to numerous tourism gems like Shimla, Kullu, Chamba, Manali, and others. Starting from pilgrims to adventure lovers, this place is the land for everyone. Himachal is also the land of picturesque Himalayan nature with large apple farms, variety of exotic festivals, adventure spots, and best of all; it is the land of many religions.

Located on the Dhauladhar range, this area is flourishing with mountain eroding rivers, which keeps the land lush with wildlife and foliage. In the winter, the land becomes harsh to enjoy tourism. Thus, people choose warmer climates to enjoy this alpine region. Migratory birds and Himalayan wildlife gives more color to your vacation.

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