Mp Tourism

Dominating the central part of India, Madhya Pradesh is an important tourist destination for nature lovers. It gets its name from its location at the central region of the country. The state is bordered by other states on all sides. Thus, cultural diversity is at the peak in this region.

Moreover, it is one of the oldest occupied regions of India, which guarantees unique attractions like temples with erotic sculptures, temple made entirely with glass, grand fair of Kumbha Mela, ancient Sanchi Stupa and much more. English is not widely spread in this region and thus, it would be better to travel with someone who is familiar with the local language, culture and attractions.

Called as the heart of the country, this state is famous for quaint villages, hill stations, caves, astonishing temples, sculptures and many others. Apart from nature, the land holds a rich cultural element within its borders, leading to numerous unique festivals, rituals, celebrations and others. Within Madhya Pradesh, you can find nature-rich Bhopal, historic city of Gwalior, unique collection of Khajuraho temples, commercial region of Indore and much more.

The state also holds numerous tourism-friendly amenities like hotels, cab services, travel agents, guides and others. The state holds a couple of international airports, which help you reach directly to the state. Or, you can choose any busy international airport in the country and find connecting flights to Madhya Pradesh. Either way, reaching Madhya Pradesh is a child’s play. However, choosing the right list of destinations inside the city for your trip is quite tricky.

You should be familiar with the list of top attractions in the region, the right time to visit and distance between each attraction. If you are visiting in winter, you should choose destinations, which are at prime beauty during the winter season.

There are numerous hidden gems in the region, which holds great serenity and provides unique experience.

If you are looking for a complete vacation in Madhya Pradesh, it is important to choose tour packages. You can choose packages, which focus on a specific element of vacation like wildlife, nature, architectural beauty, sightseeing, pilgrimage and others. On the other hand, you can choose destinations, which can be covered within a short time, as short as a weekend. Here is the long list of unique tour packages covering different destinations in and around Madhya Pradesh. Choose the package, which suits your group of travelers, time of visit, length of stay and other factors.