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Goa is a tiny Indian state, which is located in the Western region of the Indian subcontinent and is popularly known as the “Rome of the East.” It has the 4th smallest population. It has numerous islands and is enclosed by Maharashtra to its North and Karnataka to its east & south. The western coast of Goa is formed by the Arabian Sea. The natives of that state are called Goan and the languages they use are Konkani and Marathi. The official language is English.

Goa covers an area of about 3,702 km2. Goa is one of the major tourist destinations of India with its palm fringed coastline and beautiful water bodies. It is geographically located in the coastal region and is known as the Konkan strip. It has a coastline of about 101 km. There are nearly 90 riverine islands, 8 marine and more than 40 estuarine in Goa. The entire navigable length of rivers in Goa is about 253. More than hundred medicinal springs and three hundred tanks were built during the period of the Kadamba dynast y.

Goa being located near the Arabian Sea and in the tropical zone, experience tropical monsoon. The climate in Goa remains hot and humid throughout the year. May is the hottest month with the temperature of more than 35 °C and high humidity. It experiences monsoon rains in the early part of June till late September. The winter in Goa is experienced from mid December to February. Therefore, the climate of Goa remains suitable throughout the year to have a memorable beach holiday.

Goa is an irresistible travel destination located in India, which is frequented by numerous tourists from all across the globe. Goa has mesmerizing landscape and offers a treat to the nature and adventure enthusiasts. It is a perfect place to spend relaxed moments on the sunny beaches amidst tranquility and nature. One can carry adventurous sports in the sparkling waters of Goa.

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Goa Tour Packages

FAQs Related to Goa Tours

Q. Where is white water rafting available in Goa?

A. White water rafting in Goa is available in the Mhadei River. The river is a stretch of 6 kilometres. The river has both high and low waves. There are narrow passages, whirlpools and everything that that makes this one of the best places in Goa for white water rafting.

Q. When is the best time to visit Dudhsagar Falls?

A. The best time to visit the Dudhsagar Falls in the state of Goa would be during the months of October to May. During this time, it is just the end of the monsoon and there is abundant water in the waterfalls. With abundant of water, this place looks marvellous and enchanting to the tourists visiting this place.

Q. How far is Calangute from Fort Aguada?

A. The Calangute Beach in Goa is not at much of a distance from the Fort Aguada. The Fort is only at a distance of 7 kilometres from the Calangute Beach.

Q. Is South Goa better than North Goa?

A. North Goa and South Goa are famous for much different reasons. The beaches in North Goa are more vibrant than the beaches in South Goa. The beaches in Northern Goa are much better than in South Goa because of the parties. However, if we talk about beauty, the beaches in South Goa are more beautiful than the beaches in North Goa.

Q. How far is the Goa Airport from Panjim?

A. The Goa Airport, also known as the Dabolim International Airport is at a distance of 26.2 kilometres.

Q. When is the best time to visit Goa?

A. The best time to visit Goa will be during the months of November to March. The foreign tourists of this place prefer to visit this place during the months of winter as they cannot put forward with the summer sun of Goa. It is the time of winter and late winter which is considered to be the best time to Goa.

Q. Which are must visit beaches in Goa?
Q. What is off season in Goa?
Q. How many days are enough for Goa?
Q. Is Goa cheap for shopping?
Q. Which is the famous food in Goa?
Q. What is famous Goa?

A.The state of Goa in India is mostly famous because of the beautiful beaches in this state, the nightlife, the parties, the carnivals, the water sports as well as the safety and hospitality provided by the people of this place. Goa is famous even internationally because of the beaches of this state and the Baga Beach here is the most famous Beach of Goa.

Q. Where should I stay in Goa?

A. Goa has numerous beaches which offer a great deal of beauty and scenery to the tourists. Some of the best hotels to stay in Goa are – Backpacker Panda in Candolim, Zosten Hostel in Calangute, Hotel Bonanza in Bagha, Le Blanche Guest House in Calangute, Casa Almedia Guest House in Candolim, Red Door Hostel in Arjuna, Pappi Chulos in Vagator, The Living Room in Vagatore, Wanderer’s Hostel in Morjim, Sunset Beach Huts and Hotel in Mandrem, et cetera.

Q. Is Goa safe for family?

A. Goa is one of the safest places in India. The state, located on the western coast of India is one of the most liberal states in India. It is also very safe for both woman and children. The state has an excellent and charming culture which makes this place very safe for family.

Q. Is Goa expensive?

A. Goa, even though is the smallest state in the country, the expenses for a vacation in this country is not very cheap. Goa is practically considered to be more of a state of mind. This place leaves the people with fresh and cheerful minds. Compared to the rest of the tourists’ places in India, Goa is expensive but this place is sure a bargain.

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