Tourist Places to explore near Delhi Airport

Tourists from all around the world visit come to explore the age-old monuments of Delhi. Historically, culturally and sociologically as well, Delhi is a vibrant part of India. It's almost impossible to visit each and every worth seeing visiting spots during only one visit here. But here is a list of places that are a must-visit during your first interaction with Delhi.

Delhi is a capital of world’s largest democracy and is a union territory of India which consists of New Delhi, the capital of India. Delhi. There are numerous tourist attractions in Delhi both historic and modern.

The three UNESCO World Heritage Site namely Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb. There are many such famous tourist attractions which we visit on our trip to Delhi. But there are few more such attractions which we are unaware about and which you can visit when near Delhi Airport.

Top Places to explore near Delhi Airport

1. Red Fort

Red Fort

Know as Lal Qila by the locals; build during the 17th century by the Mughal rulers. The monument is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Old Delhi. In 2007 the monument was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

It is constructed by red sandstone, giving the majestic building its name. The Red Fort consists of several significant historic structures, including Diwan-i-Am and Diwan-i-Khas. There is even a museum in the complex dedicated to weapons used by the Mughals during wars. A light and sound show is also arranged daily in the evening in English and Hindi.

Distance from Delhi Airport to Red Fort: 19.9km

Address: Opposite Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi.

Entry Fees: For Foreigners - 500 rupees and For Indians- 35 rupees.

Timings: 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., plus light shows in the evenings. Closed Mondays.

2. Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar

The world-famous monument is one of the 7 Wonders of the World. It is the tallest brick tower in the world, and the building is a standing fusion of Hindu and Islamic architecture. There are many more monuments in the Qutub Complex other than magnificent Minar, like the Iron Pillar, Iltutmish's tomb and much more.

Unfortunately, it is no longer permitted to go inside the Qutub Minar, but one can still look at the structure and get an idea of its uniqueness.

Address: Mehrauli, New Delhi 110030

Timings: 07:00 am - 5: 00 pm (Everyday)

Distance from Delhi airport to Qutub Minar: 13.8 kilometers

Entry Fees: For Foreigners - 500 rupees and For Indians - 30 rupees. Free for children under 15 years.

3. Rajpath and Rashtrapati Bhawan

Rashtrapati Bhawan

One shouldn’t miss visiting the President’s place during their visit to Delhi. It is best advised to pre-plan the trip here since the official residence of the President isn't open on all seven days of the week for tourists. It took almost 17 years for the construction of this gigantic building that today processes 300 rooms.

The building employs over 750 staff members for its maintenance. Every inch of the Bhawan is extraordinary and is worth experiencing, and the most breath-taking among which is the Gift Museum, Banquet Hall and the Marble Hall. Rajpath is the road on which India Gate and Rashtrapati Bhawan are located, and it is also the road on which the annual Republic Day program is organized.

Distance from Delhi Airport to Rajpath and Rashtrapati Bhawan : 11.3km

4. National Museum

The National Museum of India, located in New Delhi, is one of the largest museums in the country. The museum is home to antiques dating back to 5000 years ago and remains from all over the country from different historical periods. The Museum is just not historically but also culturally rich with a special exhibition on jewelry from different parts of the nation. A visit to the museum is a must not only for all the history enthusiasts but also for every inquisitive and curious person.

Distance from Delhi Airport to National Museum: 15.7km

5. Chandni Chowk

Chandni Chowk is one of the oldest bazaars of India, constructive during the 17th century under Emperor Shaha Jahan. For every shopaholic and food lover, this market is Heaven on Earth with an endless variety of food and materials to shop, all at the lowest price. Among locals, the market is most well known for its quality of products at a minimal rate and the full range of variety that the endless shops offer. It is believed there is no such thing that can't be bought and sold at Chandni Chowk.

Distance from Delhi Airport to Chandini Chowk: 17.8km

6. Humayun's Tomb

Humayun Tomb

Now declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the tomb was build in 1570 and was the first garden-tomb construction witnessed in the Indian subcontinent. One of the magnificent structures in the city many believe it to be the inspiration behind the world-famous, Taj Mahal. Humayun's Tomb is beautifully built with the help of red sandstone and white marble and striking Islamic architecture.

Distance from Delhi Airport to Humayun's Tomb: 17.7km

Location: Nizamuddin East, New Delhi. Near the Nizamuddin train station, off Mathura Road.

Entry Fees: For Foreigners - $5 U.S. and For Indians - 10 rupees. Free for children under 15 years.

Timings: Sunrise until sunset, daily. It's best viewed in the golden light of the late afternoon.

7. Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

Bangla Sahib

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib located on Ashok Road is one of the prominent Sikh pilgrimage centres in Delhi. It is believed that Guru Har Krishnan Sahib Ji once came to visit the king Raja Jai Singh and cured people suffering from smallpox and cholera by distributing them water from tank. That water tank still exists inside the Gurudwara and is believed to have medicinal properties.

Gurudwara premises also include the main prayer hall, a library, a museum, a hospital, a school and an art gallery. Like any other Gurudwara, Langer is served in Bangla Sahib irrespective of their cast, creed or religion.

Things to keep in mind before entering gurudwara

  • Dress modestly and head should covered inside the premises.
  • Shoes must be removed before entering gurudwara.

Distance from Delhi Airport to Gurudwara Bangla Sahib – 14 Km

Timings : Gurudwara is open 24 hours on all the days.

Entry Fees: Entry is absolutely free for every visitor.

8. Baha'i Temple

Lotus Temple

Famously known as the Lotus Temple, the temple is dedicated to the Baha’i house of worship. It is open to people of all faith and religion. The unique shape of the temple attracts worshipers and tourists from all around the world. The Lotus Temple is one of the busiest tourist spots of Delhi with a significant amount of people always present during the permitted visiting hours.

Distance from Delhi Airport to Bahai Temple: 17.8km

Address: Near Nehru Place, south Delhi.

Entry Fees: Free.

Timings: 9.00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Closed Mondays.

9. Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar built by Maharaja Jai Singh II, is a phenomenal piece of architecture in the form of a Sundial. The main motive behind this observatory was to predict the time and accuracy by tracking movements of celestial bodies. This 723 ft. long Jantar Mantar comprises of 13 astronomical instruments and the most important among them are Misra yantra, Jaiprakash yantra, Samrat yantra and Ram yantra. You must pay your visit to this place.

Distance from Delhi Airport to Jantar Mantar – 16 Km

Timings Visiting hours are 9:30 am till 5:30 pm and is open on all the days of the week.

Entry Fees For foreigners entry fee is Rs. 200 while for Indians, BIMSTEC and SAARC is Rs. 15

10. National Gallery of Modern Art

The nation’s famous gallery doesn’t just attract art lovers but also history and social enthusiasts who understand art. The gallery is considered to be the best way to connect with modern art. The gallery at Delhi is the most extensive art gallery established by the government. Located near the India Gate, the structure was found only in 1954.

Distance from Delhi Airport to National Gallery of Modern Art: 14.7km

11. Tughlakbad

Tughlakbad is one of the ancient cities of Delhi that was established during the medieval period, by the Tughlak rulers. The most prominent site in Tughlakbad is the Tughlakbad fort, even though the fort isn’t well maintained the massive structure still stands proud in one of the world's busiest cities. Many tourists go on to visit the nearby temples and villages in Tughlakbad.

Distance from Delhi Airport to Tughlakbad : 20.6km

12. Indian Air Force Museum

The Air Force Museum in Delhi is one of the essential museums located in the country. The museum gives a vivid depiction of the history of the Indian Air Force and aviation.

13. Hauz Khas Fort

Most commonly visited during a heritage walk, the history of the Hauz Khas region goes back to the 13th-14th century. Historians believe the Fort was used as a study centre where students from around the world came to attain knowledge, during its glory days.

Address: Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi 110016

Timings: 10:30 am - 7: 00 pm (Everyday)

Distance from Delhi Airport to Hauz Khas Fort: 11.6 kilometers.

14. Rajon Ki Baoli

Delhi has as many Bolis as it has monuments, but the Rajon ki Baoli stands above every other Baoli of the city. Viewed as a hidden gem under the shadow of Qutub Minar, the Baoli is least 500 years old and still in a perfectly functional state and well maintained, besides the water in the Baoli.

Address: Mehrauli Archaeological Park, MehrauliVillage, New Delhi 110016

Timings: 10:00 am - 5: 00 pm (Everyday)

Distance from Delhi Airport to Rajon Ki Baoli: 14.9 kilometers

15. The Lodi Art District

The Lodi Art District is one of its kind museums, as it is India's first open-air art district with the endless murals and masterpieces painted all over the place. It is a must place for art lovers or photographers.

Address: 261, Block 15 Colonia Lodi, New Delhi, Delhi-110030

Timing: open 24 hours

Distance from Delhi Airport to Lodhi Art District: 13.5 kilometers

16. Ambience Mall

Ambience Mall

Shopping is one such thing which we don’t miss out while travelling outside. Ambience mall situated in Vasant Kunj is the mall for all the shopaholics. This mall is famous not only for its shopping but also for a wide array of entertainment options it has.

Besides the stores like Vero Moda, Mango, Pantaloons, Big bazaar hypermarket there is Ice skating rink iSkate, PVR BluO bowling arena, PVR Cinemas multiplex, two spas and the Fitness First gym for everyone.

Like any other mall it has a food court and along with that some excellent restaurants like Indigo Delhi, Yauatcha and Kylin Premier. There is also a separate section for kids called Fun City which contains rides, gaming machines and bumper cars. If you are in Delhi then do visit this mall.

Distance from Delhi Airport to Ambience Mall: 8.3 kilometers

17. DLF Cyber Hub

Cyber Hub is one of the unique concepts and is considered as a Hub of food and beverages. It is located on the main artery that connects Gurgaon to Delhi, the National Highway 8. Cyber Hub is an ideal destination for art and cultural shows, media launches, displays, lifestyle shoots and TV programmers.

It is uniquely designed with roof top terrace and an amphitheatre where cultural & art shows and rock concerts take place. If you are in Delhi then don’t miss out this new social networking site with wide variety os entertainment planned here.

Distance from Delhi Airport to Cyber Hub Gurgaon – 10 Km

18. Connaught Place

One of the famous places in Delhi, Connaught Place is located near Shivaji Bridge and is the ninth expensive office location of the world. It is built in Geogian styled architecture. It forms two concentric circles the outer one which holds hotels, shops, restaurants and a famous wax museum, the middle one has banks, offices, exchange houses and other corporates and in inner circle you will find entertainment centres.

There is a central park near the market which hosts cultural events and one can also have a picnic here. The Central Park also holds the largest India flag.

Distance from Delhi Airport to Connaught Place – 16 Km

Frequently Asked Questions


If you travel by metro Akshardham is about 20 kms from Delhi airport. On road the distance is approximately 26.4 kms.


A taxi from Delhi Airport to Connaught Place will cost approx. Rs. 300. However, this is just an estimated amount and not a fixed rate. The charges often vary as per the weather conditions and traffic.


 When you are traveling by car the distance of India Gate from Delhi airport will be 18.7 kms. However, if you plan to go by metro then the distance of India Gate from Delhi airport is just 15 kms.


 You will be covering a distance of 11 km when you are going through the metro. The distance by road from Qutub Minar from Delhi airport is approximately 12.5 kms.


 India Gate is situated in Blue line of Delhi metro whereas New Delhi is in Yellow line. India Gate is quite close to New Delhi metro station with a distance of just 3 kms. You can cover this distance in 15 minutes by road.


 To reach Qutub Minar from India Gate, you need to take a metro from Udyog Bhavan metro station to reach Qutub Minar metro station. Once you reach Qutub Minar metro station, you can walk on your foot to reach Qutub Minar which is just next to the metro station. The entire journey will be covered in 20 minutes.


 Red Fort is about 18.4 kms from Qutub Minar by road. It will take 20 minutes by car to travel. If you choose to go through the metro then the distance between the two places will be 17 kms but the time consumed by the metro is 40 minutes.


 There are several ways to get from Qutub Minar to Humayun Tomb. The best way is to go by car which will cost you somewhere between Rs.90 to Rs. 150. The time taken by car or taxi is 15 minutes. While by bus the journey will be 2 hours and 20 minutes.


 There are several tourist places near Delhi Airport and New Delhi railway station that you can visit within 3 to 4 hours. You can go the Shivaji Stadium in 15 minutes by metro. Visit the Rashtrapati Bhavan, Parliament House along with India Gate by a taxi. If you wish to do some shopping, go visit CP. On your way back, try visiting the Hanuman mandir near CP.


 There are 3 terminals at Delhi Airport. These 3 terminals are T1, T2 and T3 which are active for passengers. T2 is temporarily formed to support T1 domestic passengers. Once the renovation of T1 gets completed, we will have T4 in place of T2.


  You can reach New Delhi Railway Station from Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi Airport) by Delhi metro. When you land at terminal 1, 2 or 3, take the T3 IGI metro for New Delhi railway station. This will just take 20 minutes to reach to the station.


 The most recommended hotels near Delhi airport are New Delhi - ITC Hotel Group, Novotel New Delhi Aerocity, Welcom Hotel Dwarka, Pullman New Delhi Aerocity, Roseate House, Red Fox Hotel.


  Yes, there are quite lot five-star hotels near Delhi Airport. Some of them are: Vivanta New Delhi, Hotel Inn New Delhi International Airport, Pride Plaza Hotel Aerocity New Delhi, The Roseate, Roseate House New Delhi, and some more.


 Yes, you can spend a night at Delhi airport. You have to find a way to adjust yourself on the metallic seats of the airport. Else you can also stay in any nearby hotels which are available at a very reasonable price.


 If you wish to visit the ISKCON temple from the Delhi Airport then there are 2 easy ways to commute. On your journey by cab, you will have to cover 19.9 kilometres. Whereas of you take a metro, the trip will be covered in 15 kilometres.


 The places to visit near New Delhi airport are Humayun's Tomb, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, India Gate, Qutub Minar, Chandni Chowk, Red Fort, Delhi Airport Metro Express, Swaminarayan Akshardham, and several other tourist locations.