Why Kashmir Is Called Heaven On Earth?

Heaven on Earth

The beautiful Kashmir region is resplendent with white beauty in winter and the colors of nature in the autumn / fall, spring and summers. It is truly a ‘Paradise on Earth’ as it is called.

Once you step into the wonderful region, you will definitely wonder if you’re on the earth or you are looking straight at a huge picture postcard.

The waters of the Himalayas are so still and the mountains in the backdrop makes it one of the most picturesque places on this planet.

It makes the waters look silvery with a sheen that turns golden when the first sun rays reflect on these waters.

In the far sight, you can see the Great mountain ranges covered in mist and clouds while they merge into each other forming a ‘crest’. The deciduous gigantic Chinar trees found all over the valley coloring the streets with shades of yellow and red streaks especially during the pleasant autumn climate.

The leaves fall down on the ground making the streets soft to step on and almost turning the ground to yellow. This beautiful Paradise on Earth would definitely connect you with the nature. 

Top Reasons Why Kashmir is Called Heaven on Earth

1. Postcard like Landscape

It looks absolutely picture perfect landscape scenery with the famous Pir Panjal mountain range sighted in the far off background. Moreover, the pleasant aroma from the conical cypress tree branches only elaborates the beautiful landscape and makes the atmosphere even more heavenly.

The valleys of these great mountains are perfect grazing places for domesticated animals with lush green meadows filled with pretty flowers of various colors. The small kids playing around brings more earthly feel to this mountainous region of valleys.

Every spot that you can find has abundant nature about it and you will feel pressurized by the beauty to click a picture and put in a postcard. Moreover, the very place itself looks just like a picture postcard of a celestial region.

2. Kashmir’s Pristine Lakes

Dal Lake Srinagar

The crystal clear silver still lakes have no words to describe with famous lakes such as Nageen lake and Dal Lake that are sure to mesmerize you.

The highly popular lake of Kashmir, Dal Lake that truly is made up from 3 different lakes has no resemblance to an ordinary lake due to its channels, coasting islands, houseboat businesses, etc.

It looks more like smaller islands in a huge water body. There are off-shoot lakes including the Nagin lake and other such as Wular Lake with its rich bio-diversity and picture postcard look, and it is the biggest freshwater body in the entire continent of Asia!

Then there is the Mansar & Surinsar Lake a hub for lotus plants so you can take a peaceful stroll here. Other lakes include Tsokar Lake, Pangong Lake, Tso Moriri Lake, Gadsar Lake, Gangabal Lake and Mansabal Lake.

3. The Houseboat Culture

The much talked about Shikara rides or houseboat rides at the massive Dal Lake helps you with a wonderful view of the splendid waters. Houseboats are made from authentic wood carved by hand and some decked up with the most colorful flowers. It is a lifetime experience to stay overnight on these especially at Dal Lake or Nagin Lake.

4. Second Highest Gondola rides

The second most elevated Gondola rides at the beautiful Gulmarg, and the other pristine water bodies in the background with the transcending snow capped Himalayan mountains as you move towards the Apharwat Mountain is another undeniable reason that Kashmir is genuinely as discussed – Heaven on Earth.

5. Serene Valleys of Kashmir

Kashmir Valley

The green verdant valleys are dissipated with quite wild blossoms developing in a wide range of hues that makes a heavenly climate while you are encountering it.

The season's shades are brilliant, delicate and great while the fine breeze blows in the valleys and you can feel an evident vitality through the body and soul. Plentiful in nature all around remembering the persona mountains for the setting there is unspoiled greatness that nobody can clarify.

These valleys of Kashmir such as Nubra Valley, Dha Hanu, Kishtwar, Shyok, Markha, Betaab, Suru, Poonch and Nageen are spectacular. They reverberate excellence and immaculateness as well as there is an old world appeal in the entire topography. In other words, the lovely valleys of the area are pleasant just as exceptionally graceful conveying a vibe of tranquility noticeable all around.

6. Asia’s Largest Tulip Garden

Tulip Garden in Srinagar

Just like the Dal lake reflects the changing hues of the different seasons and golden sun rays, the season changes to witness a spectacular fairy tale like tulip nursery as they begin to blossom.

Spring season makes the Tulip of all bright colors - Red, yellow, white, and orange tulips buds to open allowing you to witness the dash of most alluring shades and colors of nature.

Kashmir valley is not only the most vital tulip nursery in the country but also the largest tulip garden in the entire continent of Asia.

The experience is a sensory overload with a variety of colors on flowers, the warm sight to witness, and the sounds of birds chirping adds to the delightful heavenly experience. A peaceful stroll in these gardens while walk and view these beautiful flowers is another reason to call the valley – Paradise on Earth.

7. Whitest Winter Snowfall

Snowfall in Kashmir

Kashmir receives the most intriguing snowfall all winters which is a much needed break from hot and humid summers elsewhere in the country. It truly makes you feel like as if you have reached heaven.

Simply envision the delicate, white and softening snowflakes falling on the mountains and flora growing on and around them, the snow covering the tree tops and flakes over each sharp edge of green grass blades in the far off landscape looking just like an icing on the cake.

You will sink at the spellbinding view of the snowdrift facade over the hovels dotting the Paradise on Earth.

The white scene and delicate snowflakes falling on the breathtaking snows cape is a sight to give you a total knockout! The great white winters of Kashmir is worth every second of time you spend there. It makes you feel and imagine that you are in a fairy tale winter wonderland.

8. Authentic Kashmiri Cuisine

 Kashmir Cuisine

Much the same as the wondrous scenes, the taste and nourishment in Kashmir is radiant. From the sumptuous rice delicacies that has been sent out around the entire world to the best stately gala food feast called Wazwan, the paradisaical state rich dishes absorbed from conventional food that are created through ages.

What's more, this cuisine is an ideal mix of three distinctive preparation methods or cooking types including the Kashmiri Pundits, Mughals, and local people of Kashmir. The country’s hot favorite Rogan Josh non – vegetarian dish traces its origins back to this place.

The other top mouth watering vegetarian delicacies include the Dum Aloo curry and fruit salad with the freshest of fruits from fresh gardens and dried fruits that are famous in Kashmir and not to mention the healthy hot cup of Kahwah, an amber chai which is best for a warm up in the chill early mornings. Later on, for lunch, chomp on some scrumptious Mutton Yakhni or hot Ghoshtaba.

9. Warm Hearts of the Local Kashmiris

When you make your blissful entry on this cold valley of Kashmir the enchanting and timid local individuals make it a point to receive you into the picturesque landscape with their warmth, glow, unity, and love. They are so hospitable and charm you with their smile, courtesy, and friendliness to be most helpful and generous as possible, to make guests from afar off feel comfortable and feel at home.

This Paradise on earth is as yet determined by the feeling of harmony and humankind, which is step by step ceasing to exist in numerous places around the globe.

10. Adventure activities in the Valley

 Adventure activities in Kashmir

If you are thinking that Kashmir is all about serenity, mountains, lakes, and landscape then I would like to tell you that the Paradise on Earth also has sites for thrill and adventure. It is not only for the faint – hearted but also the adventure enthusiasts as they trek the great and well known lakes of Kashmir and Great Himalayas.

Trekking is the most common activity due to the obvious reasons and towering mountainous terrains. But there are several other activities down the sky high majestic snow - capped slopes of the Kashmir valley and skiing in Gulmarg. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a dreamy trip with us for a trip of a lifetime to Heaven on Earth. Would you like to check out the amazing Kashmir tour packages?