Jodhpur Tour Packages - Rajasthan

Rajasthan’s Blue City is the second largest city in the state. It was once the capital of the great Marwar reigon. Today, its wealth in palaces, temples, forts and majestic landscape of Thar Desert has made it an important tourist destination and a heritage site. You would be familiar with the muscular Mehrangarh fort that towers over the city.

However, it is not the only attraction of the place. This blue city is literally blue everywhere with medieval streets tangling through every nook and corner of the city lined with blue colored buildings. You can expect a never-ending cultural experience with shops, temples, old city, architectural masterpieces, palaces, towers, gardens and much more.

Jodhpur has been in the history for several centuries. However, it gained more popularity by 14th century. Later, it became an important trading spot, which is still resembled in the bustling markets of the place. The city lies between Gujarat and Delhi, making it a strategic location for traders and merchants, in the past. The bazaars sell everything starting from trumpets to textiles and, thus it is the best place for unique souvenir shopping.

If you are looking for less hustling regions to enjoy a solitude vacation with your special one, choose western regions of the olden city like Navchokiya. If you want a place bubbling with tourists, choose the main city of Jodhpur, the fort and the surrounding area. Do not just settle with Jodhpur. Try visiting attractions around Jodhpur like Mount Abu, Ajmer, Banas Kantha, Sawai Madhopur and others.

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