Camel Safari in Rajasthan

Camel Safari Tour gives you better insights of Rajasthan’s unique cultural and traditional magnificence. Camel Safari tour takes you to captivating destinations of Rajasthan on the camel’s back. You can visit scores of places in Rajasthan with Camel Safari

  • Badabagh, Ramkunda, and Baisakhai are covered
  • Rich places covered in a magnificent manner
  • Monuments, Forts, Temples, Havelis, Forts, and more
  • You can view the waterfall even with gorgeous sand dunes
  • Palaces with waterfalls make things gracious more than enough

Camel Safari in Thar is the most exotic adventure that you will ever come across in your lifetime. Your reverie for experiencing the aura of Maharajas and kings ends here at Thar. To have a true taste of Rajasthan a desert state, the option of camels is unbeatable.

From experiencing life in the desolate plains this 'Ship of the Desert' will help you explore the rolling sand dunes though the pitching roll of its gait, while you sit on a saddle straddling its hump though it requires some synchronization of the movements. Feel your stomach sink as the camel makes you topple while rising or lowering itself. Exploring the small dotted villages of Rajasthan through Camel safari is a unique way to know about the culture of desert people. Jaisalmer City of Rajasthan is the place where this unequalled journey embarks.

Did You Know ?

A weeklong camel safari will cover the areas of Jaisalmer, Bikaner or Jodhpur and many small villages like Kuri, Sam sand dunes, which are every visitor's delight. While on a camel, experience the tapestry of Rajasthan rural life that is reflected in its simplex hamlets. Camel safari indeed your best means of transport to take up village tourism in the desert state of Rajasthan. The sights en route will get embedded in your memories and itch you to come here again and again to take up this adventure with camels.

Be it a sunset view on camel safari, climbing up the sand dunes or indulging in some sand bash on desert dunes, you will be mesmerized and amazed at the possibility of this vast desert. Often the women clad in green and orange long embroidered skirts all beguiled with silver ethnic jewellery carrying water pots on their heads or men folk indulging into their day to day activities adds colours to the brown shades.

Experience that will Enchant You While Safaring on Thar Camels

Stretching from one day to many a days, camel safari is the way to fancy yourself with a trot. While the mornings are somewhat blistering and dry, the nights are cool and beauteous. Another aspect of camel safari is your access to enjoy camping. At night, you will be huddled around a tiny bale fire beneath the vast shelter of stars and might be listening to the camel drivers' folklores, which can be inconceivably quixotic.

Enjoy Rajasthan cuisine that will fulfill your gourmet desires accompanied by a barbecue meal here along with the bona fire. But what surpasses them all is the folk music and dances that are performed by the locals. Girls dressed in traditional "gaghra-choli", embroidered long skirts and colourful veils festooned with mirrors and silver jewellery will seem to have emerged from the pictures that you saw in one of your travel books.

But as night descends people retire to the tents that have been exclusively set up. Do not get baffled, these tents are equipped with good facilities depending on your budget. Lying inside these tents and listening to the cool breeze creates a very disparate effect. The winds seem to be cradling the sand in its lap. Morning indeed will bring the bright sun along with the fresh camel's milk.

Get exposed to the best

Camel Safari Tour exposes you to the best of Rajasthan, including waterfalls, people in colorful traditional dresses, voluminous sand dunes, desert folk music, and more. You can enjoy loads of fun on a Camel Safari Tour, which goes through Beri of Kanoi.

Fascinating Destinations

Camel Safari Tour also gives you an opportunity to go through Jeseiri, Dedha, Deegasar, and Kuldhara as well. What’s more, you witness breathtaking views, magnificent landscapes, and beautiful small lakes on your way.Though one has to abide by certain instructions and undertake some precautionary measures but the joy felt after savoring this charming experience with camel safari will be your most memorable extravaganza, not in terms of money but in footings of fun and frolic. Here lies the vast unexplored, unrevealed ocean of sand that waiting for your sojourn. Still waiting! …

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