Uttarakhand (Land of the Gods)

Uttarakhand – the Devbhumi of India (God’s Land) is a land of sublime serenity and a spiritual destination. Located closer to Himalayas, Uttarakhand exhibit the exotic culture of the region, which teaches harmonic co-existence of human with nature. This simplicity gives rise to an untainted ambiance best for rejuvenating vacation.

This is the originating land of River Yamuna and River Ganges. Thus, pilgrims visit this state as a part of the Char Dham pilgrimage route (four sacred pilgrimage sites). Apart from ancient temples and the Himalayan backdrop, this place is also famous for national parks, forest reserves, monuments, hill stations, and lip-smacking cuisine.

The paintings and Paleolithic tools of this land state that the place was flourishing since the prehistoric times and later, it became the spot for major dynasties like Kunindas, Katyuri, Rajput, and others. Thus, the land is a historic paradise. Are you a nature lover? Uttarakhand holds the Valley of Flowers, Jim Corbett National Park, and 11 more national parks and sanctuaries.

Located on the southern hill slope of the Great Himalayan Ranges, this land is a diverse beauty filled with subtropical forests, glaciers, Gangetic plains, and much more. This diversity gives rise to numerous styles of vacation spots. Apart from pilgrimage and wildlife tours, Uttarakhand is famous as honeymoon destination, adventure site, cultural exploration, and others.

How you plan to experience Uttarakhand is based on the type of destinations you pick. Here are some of the popular Uttarakhand Tour Packages preferred by travelers visiting Uttarakhand.

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