Mumbai - City of Dreams

The land of Bollywood is an important tourist destination in the country. It being a leading international airport destination, you can find millions of tourists entering India via Mumbai every year. Apart from the facilities, the city has architectural marvels, sightseeing spots, tourism activities and shopping destinations.

Mumbai is capable of creating a unique and memorable trip for every type of traveler. This city never sleeps. The city’s natural harbor was utilized by British in the past and today, it stands as the land of entertainment, tourism, industry and development. Mumbai was also an important spot of Independence Struggle of India. With the natural harbor, the land was an important spot even during the ancient times. This is the main reason to why one can find ancient ruins, historic sites and palaces in this coastline area. The beaches of Mumbai are main elements of tourism here.

Are you looking for shopping, adventure-filled vacation, water-based activities? You can create ‘n’ number of personalized trips in Mumbai. Are you travelling with teenagers? Are you a romantic couple? Choosing the right type of destinations in Mumbai and choosing the right season can personalize your trip to Mumbai.

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