Mandawa Tour Packages - Rajasthan

Perched on the northern part of Rajasthan, Mandawa is a hidden gem, when it comes to tourism. This is a small town set with decent amenities and an 18-century settlement environment. In the ancient times, this place was always filled with merchants and traders. This was an important point in the ancient silk route.

The merchants who stayed here built havelis and historic structures to create a rich atmosphere. Even today, it is an important cultural spot to learn about the tradition and history of the land. If you love exploration, this is the best place to visit. This land is famous for grandiose structures, havelis, temples and others.

A trip to Mandawa should include shopping for souvenirs like traditional painting, antiques, furniture, wooden toys and others. The Shekhawati region of the place is famous for its historic elements. This region holds many ancient courtyards, havelis and others. The local cuisine is a noteworthy one. This is a quaint place for anyone looking for a simpler vacation with an aura of the bygone era.

This is the right place to get hold of the art of culture of this region. Are you looking for the perfect vacation with serenity and relaxation? Mandawa is the best place to choose in Rajasthan.

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