Top 20 Must Visit Attraction in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the royal destination of the country. It is the state with unique landform, environment and beauties. This desert state holds hill station, sand dunes, reserve forest, water bodies and much more. It is the land of culture, color, custom, shopping and heritage. Rajasthan has numerous tourist destinations, which add a new look to your vacation. Here are the top 20 destinations of Rajasthan to visit during your vacation.

1. Amber Fort

Located in the Jaipur district, this fort is one of the grandest structures of the state. This hill fort is famous for its architectural beauty, antique décor items, elephant ride and others. There are four courtyards in this fort and each courtyard is surrounded by numerous beauties like Sila Devi temple, hall of public audience, hall of private audience, Mughal gardens, Jai Mandir, Mirror Palace, Jas Mandir, Hall of Pleasure, magic flower and others. Even the gates of this fort are richly ornamented.

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2. Chittorgarh Fort

Chittor Fort or Chittorgarh Fort was the ancient capital structure of Mewar kingdom. The fort holds numerous palaces, towers, temples, gates and other structures. The fort held 84 water bodies in the past. Now, there are only 22 water bodies.The fort was controlled by numerous kings in the past and it was the site where Queen Padmini plummeted into fire to safeguard herself from the enemies.


3. Sam Sand Dunes

This is the iconic attraction of the state and the principle destination for those looking for adventure activities. This ocean of sand is famous for camel safari, desert camping, 4WD, paragliding, quad bike riding and other activities. People choose luxury camping sites to enjoy traditional cuisine, cultural performances and romantic moonlit dinner.

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4. Jaipur City Palace

This palace was the home of the royal family. The palace holds many courtyards filled with gardens, buildings of ancient styled architecture and others. Top structures to visit in this palace are Chandra Mahal, art gallery, museum and others. Tourists are allowed to visit City Palace in the evening for a beautiful and educational sound and light show.

5. Golden Fort

Golden Fort or Jaisalmer Fort gets its name from the yellow sandstones used in the building. These stones make the fort camouflage with the desert sand, during daytime. Thus, the approaching enemies find it hard to locate the fort in the middle of the desert. On the other hand, the fort stands on a small elevation, giving a perfect view of the surrounding regions. This fort holds numerous structures like Jain temples, havelis, museums, palaces and many others.

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6. Shilpgram

If you love art and culture, this is the right place to visit. You can find traditional houses, living museum, art exhibition, lines of shops and much more. This is the spot for a laid back shopping-based vacation. You can find many antiques, traditional sightseeing spots and other heritage-linked activities in this region.

7. Umaid Bhawan

This palace of Jodhpur was built in 20th century. This palace is the world’s largest private residence with 347 rooms, converted into heritage hotel. If you are planning to stay in this palace, you are up for a luxurious vacation. If not, visit the place to explore the architectural beauty, vintage car collection, clock collection of the museum, garden and others.

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8. Jag Mandir

This is the monument, which inspired Taj Mahal. Located on an island of Lake Pichola, this palace was built for Prince Khurram, when he rebelled against his father. This island palace is famous for its rich architectural wealth, marble lined chambers, lush traditional garden and much more.

9. Mandore Gardens

This is not just an average garden or a botanical park. This 6th century park holds a large temple dedicated to the 33 crores Hindu demi-gods, hall of heroes, lush garden, statues, government museum and much more. If you are visiting the garden, plan a picnic. Visit the Mandore fort, close to the garden, if you are willing to enjoy an exploration trip through the ruins of the fort. You can enjoy shopping in the street shops around the garden.

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10. Hawa Mahal

This Wind Palace is famous for its honeycomb structure. The palace has more than hundred windows, which were designed to give enough openings for the women of royal family to watch the street life and celebrations in the city, without getting out of the palace. The palace has five floors and it is said that wind flows with very strong current if all the windows are opened. From the top of the palace, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city around you.

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11. Junagarh Fort

This 16th century fort is famous for architectural wealth, historic importance and exploration. It was once the most difficult fort to penetrate. There used to be a moat around the fort, which was used solely for breeding crocodile, to avoid trespassers. The fort is built with a fusion of Gujarati, Rajpur and Mughal architectural style. Top sites to visit inside this fort are Hawa Mahal, Anup Mahal, Ganga Mahal, Dungar Mahal and others.

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12. Karni Mata Temple

Do not think of this as a cliché Hindu temple. This temple holds around 20,000 black rats. The main deity of the temple is the rat. People offer food to the rat and the remains of the food nibbled by these creatures would be offered to devotees as sacred food. Many tourists visit this temple for the curiosity of exploring the temple and experiencing the rituals.

13. Lalgarh Palace

This 20th century red sandstone palace is famous for its European and Indian fused architectural style. The garden around the palace is rich with peacock. If you visit during monsoon season, you can spot a lot of dancing birds here. Apart from the architectural beauty of the place, the palace is famous for holding a historic museum and a luxury hotel.

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14. Gajner Palace

This palace is located, a little away from the city of Bikaner. This majestic royal structure is now a heritage hotel. This palace is famous for its rich décor, terrace work, carved balconies and the panoramic view of Lake Gajner from the balconies. People choose this palace to enjoy a nature filled stay and boating.

15. Nahargarh Fort

This fort is located on the Aravali ranges, overlooking the city of Jaipur. Built in 18th century, it was initially a defensive structure. The fort is today famous for its spectacular view, sculpture park, sightseeing spots, café and others. You can also find many interesting entertainment spots around the fort. The best time to visit the fort is evening, to stay back and watch when the fort is lit with thousands of lights.

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16. Pushkar Lake Bank

This bank of River Pushkar is famous for picnic and traditional water activities. During the month of November, the bank is the land of camel fair. You can find numerous attractions during this fair like the camel parade race, beauty contest for camels, turban tying contest, camel trading and others. You can also find numerous shops to enjoy souvenir hunting. The best souvenir to buy in Pushkar is camel skin articles.

17. Mehrangarh Fort

This is one of the iconic attractions of the state, which has been included in numerous luxury train itineraries too. This fort is famous for exploration, photography and much more. The fort stands 400 ft. above the city of Jodhpur. Built in 15th century, this architectural marvel is famous for its museum, flying fox activity, lakes around the fort and numerous royal structures inside it.

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18. Jantar Mantar

Built in 18th century, this structure holds a collection of masonry astronomy instruments. There are 14 instruments in this structure, which track the distance of sun from earth, position of moon, location of stars and others. The largest sundial of the world is located in this structure.

19. Kilana Lake

This is a large water body located in the desert region of Jodhpur. This artificial lake of 19th century was once used as the prime water source for the city. Today, it is an important tourist attraction for those who love birds. If you visit during winter season, you can spot many migration birds, enjoy picnic, boating, lake strolling and other activities.

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20. Tanot Mat Mandir

This temple is located near the India-Pakistan border. This temple is an important destination for those who take part in a patriotic visit to the border. You can reach up to the temple, with no requirement of NOC or other forms of legal permission. The temple is dedicated to a local Goddess and it is said that the temple was tried to be destroyed by bombs, in the past. However, the shells, which landed inside the temple, never got detonated. Those shells are still found in the museum of the temple.

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