Best Night Camping Places in Rajasthan for Adventure Lovers

Experiencing a nomadic live in the state of Thar desert is attracting more and more of youngsters. Sleeping inside thick tents surrounded by acres of nothing but raw nature, belly dance, barbeque, cultural performance and bonfire are not things that you can easily enjoy in all destinations. Are you looking for an Arabian Night styled night camping and entertainment in Rajasthan?

Here are the top spots for camping over-night. This list is not just group of wild terrain where anyone can pitch a tent. Each destination has its own cliché scenic value and cultural element.

Each destination below is chosen concerning the uniqueness it can bring to your night camping holiday.

Night Camping in Jaisalmer

Night camping in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer ranks the first place for night camping for obvious reasons. The city covers more sand dunes and the Thar desert with a majestic landscape. Full moon night, the night before and after it, are the most sought nights for camping. Sam Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer is one of the most sought spot for camping, camel desert safari and many other tourism elements. If you visit during February and March, you can take part in the desert festival to enjoy a wide range of cultural activities.

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Night Camping in Jodhpur

Night camping in Jodhpur

Osian is a small town in Jodhpur, which borders the desert. This is one of the famous destinations for enjoying all forms of desert life, let alone camping. You can find commercialized desert camps, carnivals, tour packages and much more here. Due to high volume of tourists, it is hard to find DIY night camping options here. Osian is the right place for enjoying a full-fledged Arabian night camping experience in amenities filled tented lodgings.

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Night Camping in Pushkar

Night camping in Pushkar

Pushkar holds a long stretch of smooth sand dunes. Being the camel capital of the country, it is not a shock that people love enjoying camping here. When it comes to camping in Pushkar, the attraction starts inside the village. You will be taken on a camel safari through the desert village to enjoy the local culture before setting foot on the sand dunes for the camping experience of your lifetime. Although the facilities are primitive, the experience is unparalleled. You can also enjoy the desert carnival if you choose camping on the full moon night of November.

Some prefer camping overnight at the banks of the river. The river becomes very crowded during tourism season and you can enjoy many cultural activities. However, during other times, the bank will be almost empty. Enjoy the largest cattle fair in the world – Pushkar Camel Fair .

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Night Camping in Ranthambore National Park

Night Camping in Ranthambore

Night Camping is not just restricted to desert region, even in the desert state of Rajasthan. Are you ready to camp in a lush spot? Ranthambore is the right place for your desires. Ranthambore National Park is an iconic attraction that has its place in the itineraries of several luxury trains of India. Camping is allowed in the rugged green regions of Aravalli ranges and in the sandy juncture of Vindhyas. Both the terrain provides equal level of excitement. Although certain climatic condition, especially rain can render difficulty. Commercialized camping sites do exist in Ranthambore and at the same time, you can enjoy numerous spots where you can camp on your own and enjoy the blissful nature at close quarters.

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Night Camping in Jaipur

camping in jaipur

Jaipur is the right place for a luxury filled night camping spots. Many exotic hotels provide camping facilities at unique places. Camping in Jaipur usually has the romance factor. Some hotels do provide customized camping package. The only disadvantage of night camping in Jaipur is the lack of raw nature effect. Night camping is more of a luxury activity than a nature-filled experience in Jaipur.

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Night Camping in Udaipur

camping in udaipur

Night camping in Udaipur is also a luxury activity. You can find luxury camps that provide all technological amenities that will keep you far away from civilization. It is more like creating a fortress of solitude to spend time with your special ones with all amenities in hand. Always camping is about surviving on tinned food but Udaipur takes signature cuisine to the camping experience. Depending on the style of tour package or hotel you book, the camping experienced differ.

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Night Camping in Mount Abu

camping in mount abu

If you are imaging rugged terrain, exclusive spots, forest camping region and pleasing climate, Mount Abu is the right place. If you need to camp, you need to trek here. Top regions for camping are Salgao, Achalgarh, Jawai, Bhrigu Ashram and others. Camping here has absolutely no strings to the technological advancement. You will be dealing with the real nature and thus, it is highly recommended by avid campers.

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Are you ready to embark on a camping trip?

Travel through quaint villages, choose exotic location and plant your flag. On the other hand, choose spots that have vista of a painting, enjoy luxury amenities as you bestow the nature. You can penetrate the wild forest or mountain region for an adrenaline pumping camping experience. In short, name a style of night camping and you will find numerous regions to enjoy it in Rajasthan.

October to March is the best time to enjoy camping in Rajasthan.

Early summer (March and April) is the best time for night camping in Mount Abu.

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