Places to visit in Rajasthan in November

It makes quite sense to choose peak winter to travel a scorching desert region. Moreover, November is the tourism month of Rajasthan. However, not all destinations will be at the prime beauty during November. Since it is the beginning of tourism season, most of the iconic destinations will be too crowded for a peaceful vacation. You will not find all kinds of services available like camel safari, camping sites and others. You need to choose your destination with clarity for an epic vacation in Rajasthan. Thus, we are collecting the top destinations to cover in Rajasthan in November and the reasons to why.

Read more to find the top five destinations to cover in Rajasthan in November.

1. Chittorgarh Tour, Rajasthan

The city is located on the banks of River Beach and is an important historic location, which has gain an unbeatable position in many luxury train itineraries and tour packages. The city raises above the plains and has a lush vegetation. The main attraction of this ancient land is the large Chittorgarh Fort. Beyond the fort, there are numerous attractions and activities to cover Rajasthan in November.

Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

Temperature during November: On an average, the daytime temperature is 27 degree C.

Top November attractions to enjoy Chittorgarh

  1. Enjoy sightseeing at Chittor fort, Vijay Stambha, Kalika Mata temple, Padmini Palace and others.
  2. November is the time for many interesting festivals in Chittorgarh like Diwali, Chandrabhaga Fair and others.
  3. In addition, you would be closer to Pushkar for the traditional camel fair, which takes place Rajasthan in November.
  4. The shopping alleys will be lush with vendors, as the climate will be pleasing.
  5. Visit Bassi wildlife sanctuary to spot migration and local birds. The Bassi Dam will be lush with water, due to the recent rains.
  6. This is the right time for a picnic time at Menal

How to reach Chittorgarh from Delhi international airport?

From Delhi airport, you can find frequent flights to Dabok Airport, located in Udaipur. The Udaipur airport is around 100 km away from Chittorgah and you can find train, buses and cabs from Udaipur to reach Chittorgarh. Some choose to enjoy a luxury train trip from Delhi to cover Chittorgarh along with other destinations in and around Rajasthan.

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Top luxury trains to cover Rajasthan are:

  1. Palace on Wheels
  2. Maharajas’ Express: 6N / 7D Delhi to Delhi Route

2. Ranthambore Tour, Rajasthan

The Ranthambore region is famous for the national park, which is lush with flora, fauna and historic structures. Once, it was the spot for royal hunting games conducted for the kings and princes. Today, it is the kingdom of wild animals and birds (migration and locals). Thanks to the tiger program, the region holds many majestic tigers within its boundaries.

Ranthambore, Rajasthan

Ranthambore, Rajasthan

Temperature during November: On an average, the daytime temperature is 22 degree C.

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Top November attractions to enjoy Ranthambore

  1. Spotting larger mammals will be quite easier during your safari at Ranthambore.
  2. Winter is the right time to spot lush vegetation and wild flowers in bloom.
  3. Spotting migration and local birds during sunrise and sunset is possible during November.
  4. Breeding season of tigers end by October and thus, if you are visiting in November, you can easily spot tigers with their cubs.
  5. If you are opting for a trekking trail at Ranthambore Fort, the weather will be pleasing.
  6. Padam Lake will be lush with water and you can find numerous animals around it.

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How to reach Ranthambore from Delhi International Airport?

The nearest airport is located in Jaipur, which is 180 km away from Ranthambore. Although Jaipur international airport connects India with international destinations, the number of foreign destinations connected to Jaipur is quite low. Thus, it is better to reach India via Delhi airport and find connecting flights to Jaipur. From Jaipur, you can find cabs, buses and other road transportation to reach Ranthambore. You can also find direct trains, buses and other road transportation from Delhi to Ranthambore or Sawai Madhopur.

Do you want to cover Ranthambore with other wildlife destinations of India?

Here are the themed tour packages from

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3. Alwar Tour, Rajasthan

Thanks to the presence of Aravalli Ranges around the region, Alwar becomes more beautiful during winter season. The land gets a golden and green color gradient during November. In addition, the land is a cultural haven for those who love the colors of India. Alwar gets a perfect vacation for anyone looking for luxury, adventure and nature. This is the north-most city of the state and is famous for its museums, palaces and other architectural beauties.


Alwar, Rajasthan

Temperature during November: On an average, the daytime temperature is 25 degree C.

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Top November attractions to enjoy Alwar

  1. Due to recent rains, the Siliserh Lake will be filled with water and November is the right time for boating and spotting birds.
  2. November evenings are right for bicycle tour along the Alwar Fort, Palace Museum, Moosi Maharani Chhatri, Purjan Vihar and other cultural destinations.
  3. Garbhaji waterfalls will be lush with water and will be open for tourists for enjoy water activities and picnics.
  4. Visit any picturesque destinations like Maharani ki Chhatri and others for a picnic time.
  5. November is the right time to spot tigers. Sariska Tiger Reserve lies very close to Alwar and you ought to visit for a game drive. Cover Sariska with our theme tour packages.

Top suggested itineraries are:

How to reach Alwar from Delhi International Airport?

From Delhi airport, you can find frequent flights to Jaipur airport. Jaipur is just 162 km away from Alwar. From Jaipur, you can find buses, cabs and trains to Alwar. You can find direct buses and cabs from Delhi to Alwar. If desired, you can take the high-speed Shatabdi Express to Jaipur from Delhi and reach Alwar from Jaipur. For the new train schedule, visit (Source:).

4. Bharatpur Tour, Rajasthan

Bharatpur is the land of birds. This is the land for winter vacation. During November, you can find both migration birds and local birds in flock. Also, thanks to the lush vegetation, you can find small animals too. Bharatpur gives a time-out for your robotic life and takes you closer to nature. Are you looking for other bird destinations of India?

Rajasthan in November

Bharatpur, Rajasthan

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Yes, Bharatpur is famous for Keoladeo National park but, that is not everything about the city. It is a historic region filled with colorful architecture and famous for unique cultural celebrations.

Temperature during November: On an average, the daytime temperature is 10 degree C.

Top November attractions to enjoy Bharatpur

  1. The climatic conditions make it easier to enjoy long cycle ride or trekking through the Bharatpur bird sanctuary.
  2. There are only 100 + rickshaws available for tourists. During January and December, the rush for rickshaws will be very high. However, November is quite free and the beauty of the land will also be at prime.
  3. This is the right time to spot many migration birds in this region.
  4. Take up historic walking tour through Lohagarh fort, Deeg Palace and others.

How to reach Bharatpur from Delhi International Airport?

From Delhi airport, the nearest airport to Bharatpur is located in Agra. Agra is just 50 km away from Bharatpur. From Agra, you can find trains, cabs or buses to reach Bharatpur.

5. Nagaur Tour, Rajasthan

Nagaur is a hidden gem of the country. It is a historic land, which has link with the epics of Hinduism. Thus, the land is filled with numerous temples, forts and palaces. If you love history and sightseeing, Nagaur is the best place to visit. In addition, during winter season, the climate will be pleasingly cool, allowing you to enjoy an exceptional vacation.

Rajasthan in November

Nagaur, Rajasthan

Temperature during November: On an average, the daytime temperature is 17 degree C.

Top November attractions to enjoy Nagaur

  1. Enjoy sightseeing in the city with cycle or choose to trek through the region.
  2. Visit Sambhar Salt Lake to spot unique animals and flora around it.
  3. You will find red chilies ready to harvest. Visit any field to watch their harvest procedures.
  4. November is the right month to camp without too much mosquito.
  5. This is the land of spice and you can find many spice products in the market. These markets are open to tourists throughout the year.

How to reach Nagaur from Delhi International Airport?

From Delhi airport, the nearest airport to Nagaur is located in Jodhpur, which is around 137 km away from Nagaur. From Jodhpur, you can find trains to Nagaur. On the other hand, you can also find direct train and road transportation from Delhi to Nagaur.

Other interesting destinations to cover in Rajasthan in November are Udaipur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Mount Abu and so on. Do you want an exotic vacation to enjoy in Rajasthan?

Here are the exclusive tour packages to visit Rajasthan in November:

  1. 12 days – Rajasthan tour (culture and heritage)
  2. 15 days – Rajasthan tour (royal experience)
  3. 15 days – Rajasthan village tour

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