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Pushkar Fair - Largest Cattle Fair in the World

Don’t miss the gala charm of Puskhar Fair that will definitely take your breath out. Pushkar is a small village that has printed its image on the world map as it has developed into a venue for hosting the world largest camel trading fair. The annual Pushkar Fair is indeed a major attraction for the tourists visiting Rajasthan. On the even of Kartik Purnima (Full Moon) thousands of people emerge to parade, race, trade and sell their prized dromedaries – ‘camels’ that have been painstakingly groomed and festooned for this grand occasion.

You should visit Rajasthan during this time, when the weeklong Pushkar celebration is at its maximum, this lakeside village sees the rise in population from a mere 14,000 to a flock of 2,00,000. Also being an important pilgrim centre of Hindus and housing the only Bharama Temple. in the world, Pushkar town sees a wave of pilgrimage during this fair which appears like a non stop carnival of acrobats, bazaars and cultural events under the blue sky. Even the shades of Rajasthani color seem to brighten up during Pushkar Festival.

There are monkey trainers, magicians, hypnotists and snake charmers, who all vie for your attention. Pushkar festival is also known as the Camel fair, and thus you can see around 50,000 camel heads popping up at one go. You will not find these camels looking more beautiful than during the festival as for this occasion they have been carefully decorated and shaved. Pushkar festival is held in the month of November when the climate is at its best.

Camel Safari

Camel Safari is one of the major attractions in Pushkar. You can always explore the Great Indian Desert of Rajasthan riding camels. Undoubtedly, it is one of the greatest enjoyments and exciting experiences of life. As the Aravalli Range constitutes the beautiful hills bestowing captivating sunrises and sunsets, what makes it worth noting is the presence of sandy fields and small dunes.

As Camel Safaris are the best way to spend time to explore the rustic and royal Rajasthan, the experience becomes ever more significant and worthwhile from tourists point of view.

Pushkar Lake

  • Pushkar Lake is one of the fascinating feasts in Pushkar. Surrounded by hills on three sides and desert on the other side, the beauty of Pushkar is simply immaculate.

  • Visit the snake mountain and the cave of Saint “Agasthya”

  • Unearth Indian values and magnificent tradition in Pushkar

  • Stroll the lakeside and immerse in its beauty with your beloved

Pushkar Ghats

As the town of Pushkar is sacred, there are ample of ghats, which enhance the beauty of this holy city. What makes this town all the more significant and worthwhile is the holding of religious ceremonies in its vicinities!

You can always enjoy loads of sights in Pushkar and its ghats make things ever more worthwhile and significant. As loads of pilgrims participate in religious ceremonies on the Pushkar ghats, things become worth enjoying for the travelers, coming from all over the world.

Pushkar Lifestyle

  • As Pushkar is a small town, living in its vicinities is simply amazing. Travelling to Pushkar is simply going for that amazing touch. You can always watch the tremendous potential, which Pushkar holds under its ambit. Although, the society of Pushkar is mainly traditional, yet the Pushkar lifestyle can be called as a moderate mix.

  • You can always watch simple and suave people

  • Interact with high hospitable standards

  • Get something of significant value in terms of tourism

Pushkar VIllage Life

  • As the town Pushkar is rich, so its village life. You can always interact with the villagers of Pushkar as they interact with each other on traditional lines. Now that is something, which is significant and worthwhile. You watch them in their entirety and will be happy to note their suave nature and high hospitality standards.

  • Immerse in authentic village culture

  • Enjoy their high hospitality standards

  • Watch simple and suave attire of Pushkar people

Pushkar Camel Fair

  • Watching an astonishing 50,000 camels converge on the tiny desert is indeed amazing. Well, it happens in Pushkar and happens in style. In fact, this is what renders peculiarity to the Pushkar Camel Fair. It's a fascinating sight amidst so many camels and enjoying them from close quarters.

  • The sand dunes infested with camels

  • Huge inflow of pilgrims

  • Loads of camel traders and tourists