Bishnoi Village Safari in Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Bishnoi Village of Jodhpur was a cultural tourist destination since the kings’ times. The rulers of Marwar invite their guests to visit this village to enjoy the culture and tradition of the land. This village is an oasis, which is famous for natural beauty, cultural icons, handicrafts, art forms and much more.

bishnoi village

This tiny village has made its way to be a part of luxury train itineraries too. This region is famous among tourists to enjoy the cultural life of Jodhpur and for exotic souvenir shopping.

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Attractions in Bishnoi Village

attractions Bishnoi Village

Safari through the village is an important attraction of this region. Safari is provided on a camel back and in jeep. Top destinations visited during the safari are Singhasni, Khejarli Massacre, Shepherds village, Salawars and Guddha village.

  • Salawars – weaver village famous for buying ethnic carpets.
  • Singhasni – potter village to buy pottery and related items
  • Khejarli – historic location.
  • Gudha village – best spot to fin peacocks, Dumessille crane, blue bulls, rabbits and others.
  • Guda Bishnoi Lake – scenic lake famous for spotting local and migration birds.
  • Shepherd’s village – best place for photography.

The Guda Bishnoi lake is famous for spotting migration birds. This small water source is the drinking spot for black bucks, antelopes and other animals surrounding this region.

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Culture of the Bishnoi Village

culture of Bishnoi Village

The name, Bishnoi is loosely translated as 29. This number stands for the 29 prime principles of this region, which restricts the villagers from cutting trees, killing animals, wearing blue color and many others.

Locals welcome tourists to visit their village, watch their daily routine and even share opium with the tourists. Yes, opium is grown legally for religious purpose. You can also learn how to make a drink out of opium here.

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How to reach Bishnoi Village?

Bishnoi Village is located 22 km away from Jodhpur. It is located on the route to Udaipur from Jodhpur. The nearest airport to the village is located in Jodhpur. You can find numerous flights from different parts of the country. The nearest international airport is in Udaipur. You can find frequent flights from Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and others to Jodhpur.

From the airport, you can find buses and cabs that take you directly to the village. You can also find direct buses and cabs to the village from the surrounding regions. The nearest railway station is located in Jodhpur. You can find buses and cabs from the railway station to the village.

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Best time to visit Bishnoi Village

The best time to visit the place is during winter season. The winter starts in October and ends in March. The place is pleasingly cool and you can spot many migration birds during this season. Camel safaris are also pleasing during this season.

The monsoon starts in July and ends in August. Monsoon is the worst time to visit the place. The place receives moderate to low rainfall. Service providers for outdoor activities including safari are hard to find.

Summer is the worst time to visit the region. Summer starts in March and ends in July. The summer is hot and dry. This is the time of dehydration and scorching sun. People choose summer evenings for camping and spotting animals. Spotting animals near the river becomes very easier during this season.

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Where to stay at Bishnoi Village?

There are a few luxury resorts close to the village to enjoy the culture of the land with maximum comfort. Apart from these, you can find small shacks for simple travelers. If you are looking for decent accommodation, visit Jodhpur.


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