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Watching an astonishing 50,000 camels converge on the tiny desert is indeed amazing. Well, it happens in Pushkar and happens in style. In fact, this is what renders peculiarity to the Pushkar Camel Fair. It's a fascinating sight amidst so many camels and enjoying them from close quarters.

The only intention behind the Pushkar Camel Fair is to attract local camel and cattle traders however, it culminated into a gala event with passage of time. Without a tad of doubt, the fair has now also become a major tourist attraction.

Pushkar Camel Festival Dates

The Pushkar Camel Fair is usually held in November. You cannot get the exact date as it depends on the cycle of the moon. As most of the camel action takes place over the five days, the overall atmosphere gets charged up.

As far as this year is concerned, 2013, the official dates for the Pushkar Camel Fair are November 02-10. However, please note that camel trading and other activities will start from November 2 . So, it’s better to be in Pushkar much early to witness the fair in full swing!

Pushkar Fair Venue

Pushkar Fair is celebrated in the small town of Pushkar, near Ajmer. As it is located on the edge of the Thar Desert, it becomes ever more beautiful especially for the tourists coming to the state of Rajasthan.

Pushkar Camel Festival Celebrations

For complete five days, the camels are dressed up and paraded. In fact, this is the way through which one ascertains their significance and overall worth.

A huge carnival is held, with an array of musicians, dancers, magicians, acrobats, snake charmers and loads of other people. You can always enjoy the unimaginable.

What’s more, when pilgrims come to this festival to bathe in the holy waters, the sight becomes worth noting. As they dip in the holy waters with a belief that their sins will be absolved, the atmosphere is wholly charged thus rendering you a nice treat.

Enjoy Pushkar Camel Fair & Festival

The ancient town of Pushkar is transformed into a spectacular fair ground in the month of Kartik. The fair attracts a great number of tourists from worldwide.

  • The sand dunes infested with camels

  • Huge inflow of pilgrims

  • Loads of camel traders and tourists

  • Old traditional style Indian Festival

  • Camel Race is the Most Favourite Attraction

  • Enjoy Comical Beauty Contests

  • Enjoy Pushkar Fair from a Hot Balloon

Indeed, being in Pushkar is to enjoy traditional lifestyle. People still follow this rare combination of modernity merging well amidst the traditionalism and that makes the Pushkar all the more significant and worthwhile from tourists point of view.

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