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Rajasthan Tourism Attractions

The land of royal Rajputs, has woven a fascinating tapestry with threads of valor and courage. Rajasthan is indeed a land of astonishingly various elements and colors, every facet designed with royal grandeur and unique lifestyle. Every nook and corner of the state gives a glimpse of rich culture and traditions, prevailing since many decades. Wide spread deserts, painted in myriad shades with sun rays, offers scenic beauty in the dawn.

Amber Fort

Amber or Amer Fort lies at the southern part of the colossal Jaigarh Fort. As it is filled with voluminous halls, alluring palaces, and lush green gardens, the beauty of this place speaks in volumes.

  • The Amber Fort and the Gallant Past
  • Experience a splendid example of royal past
  • Ragged hills, sprawling exteriors, and captivating temples
  • Enjoy royal rides like never before on an elephant or jeep

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Camel Safari

Have you ever experienced a game of trapeze amidst thorny desert? A ride on a camel's back gets you across the Thar Desert, where you can mingle with the local people of Rajasthan. At the same time, you get to enjoy ethnic dining over a bonfire, musical plays by folk artists and a sound sleep under the blinking stars.
  • Safari in Thar Desert
  • Camel is the Ship of Desert in Rajasthan
  • Fun with the Desert Ship on a Camel Safari
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Forts & Palaces

You want to experience the majestic world of Rajas and Mahrajas of Rajasthan and their most luxurious ways of life, then come to see the forts and palaces of Rajasthan that mirrors the fortunes of royal era - the words that are betrothed with the Desert City of India.
  • Witness rich textiles armory paintings of the past
  • Inumerable forts, palaces and monuments to enthrall you
  • UNESCO world heritage sites
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Pushkar Camel Fair

Don’t miss the gala charm of Puskhar Fair that will definitely take your breath out. Pushkar is a small village that has printed its image on the world map as it has developed into a venue for hosting the world largest camel trading fair.
  • Unearth Indian values & magnificent tradition in Pushkar
  • The sand dunes infested with camels
  • Loads of camel traders & tourist

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Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

One of the finest bird parks in the world, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary (Keoladeo Ghana National Park) is one of the best options to enjoy rich wildlife experience India.
  • More than 300 species of Birds
  • Bharatpur Lake enhance the beauty of this place
  • Finest Wildlife Experience
  • Best Photographic Destination
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City Palace Udaipur

Being there in Udaipur and witnessing the glorious City Palace is to be exposed to exquisite marble architecture, that too amidst the turquoise blue waters.
  • Monument with grandeur and fineness
  • Enthralling simmering waters of Lake Pichola
  • Watch the elephants at play in the wide courtyards
  • Journey to the Land of Maharajas

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Dargah Sharif Ajmer

The town of Ajmer witnessed many conquests with rise and fall of dynasties. As a result, indelible marks on its culture and tradition are fabulous.
  • Sacred Shrine is second Mecca for the Muslims
  • Hindu Muslim Unity fills atmosphere with eternal bliss
  • The most visited Muslim Pilgrimage
  • The Sufy Capital with a Rosy Odour - Ajmer Town

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Deshnok Temple in Bikaner

India is immensely rich in terms of travel and fabulous destinations. A village 30 KM south of Bikaner along the Jodhpur road, it is one of the most fascinating places to reckon with.

The most famous spot on this place is Deshnok Karni Mata Temple.
A visit to the Deshnok's fascinating temple of Karni Mata is an unforgettable experience in itself.

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Osian in Jodhpur

An ancient city, the Ossian may be acknowledged as a ruin city. Approximately 65 Kms from Jodhpur, it has numerous attractions in its ambit. The major attraction of this city is its temples, which still reverberates with massive beauty and fun.
  • Vishnu Temple
  • Harihara Temples
  • Jain Temples
  • Pipalla Devi Temple
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Ranakpur Jain Temples

If you wish to witness the glorious Jain temples, Ranakpur stands amongst five most significant Jain pilgrimage sites. As the city of Ranakpur is beautiful and homes an exceptionally beautiful temple complex, there is no dearth of exquisitely carved Jain temples.
  • Finely carved Jain temples
  • Major temples with halls and distinctly carved pillars
  • Exquisite architectural splendor and magnificent places to see
  • Beautiful carvings on the walls of temples reminds of Khajuraho
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If you are on a lookout to witness the tallest beauty amidst the vast lands of deserts, Jaisalmer is the most suitable spot. Vast stretches of sand dunes and magnificent forts and palaces make your experience worthwhile and significant.
  • Sand Dunes with yellow sandstone fortifications
  • Witness the most exotic city of the Orient
  • High rock inspires a majestic sight
  • Culture, tradition, everything is perfect in Jaisalmer
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Baloon Safari

Yes, with Balloon Safari in Rajasthan, you can enjoy loads of fun and frolic, that too up in the skies.

It is an experience, which is impressive and unique. In fact, remaining in the air, that too in a balloon is fascinating enough.
  • Visit Pushkar Fair through Baloon Safari
  • See The Tiger in Ranthambore through Sky
  • Look into the Forts & Palaces by baloon safari
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Sariska National Park

Just 21 miles of Alwar, on the Jaipur highway, the famous Sariska offering Tiger Reserve graces your India tours. As Sariska is one of the few remaining pockets of forest in the Aravalli range of hills, you can always enjoy unprecedented fun and joy in its vicinities.
  • Nice setting for other animals other than Tigers
  • Great going for those who wish to witness exquisite wildlife
  • Numerous species, which are considered best from wildlife point of view
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Rajasthani Turban

Rajasthan is widely recognized for its charming and elegant colourful turbans. One of the greatest parts of the traditional outfits, turban is proudly worn by the Rajasthan men-folk.
  • Size and Style of Turbans changes every 15 KM
  • Turban is worn since ages in Rajasthan
  • Every coloured turban holds some or the other meaning
  • Orange coloured Turban is related to a Wedding Ceremony
  • Saffron colour also denotes valour and chivalry
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Palace On Wheels Luxury Train

Palace on Wheels is a luxury train, which lives up to the expectations offering excellent comfort while traveling the most beautiful vicinities of Rajasthan. ‘The Palace on Wheels’
  • Palace on Wheels is among the top 10 luxury trains
  • Re-live the royal past and enjoy the best of Rajasthan
  • Get ready for that exquisite beauty and impression

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Rajasthani Food

Get ready for a perfect yummy meal with great Rajasthani food. With so much to offer to flatter your taste buds, Rajasthani food is simply tasty and yummy. 

Must Try Dishes
  • Daal Bati Churma
  • Kair Sangri
  • Bajre ka Soyata
  • Lal Mass
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