Top Ten Unique Islands to Visit in India

When it comes to a tropical paradise like India, people usually overlook the islands and focus more on the inland and the coastline. However, if you are up for the most memorable vacation of all time, you ought to focus on the islands of India. When it comes to islands, there are some very popular islands like Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep and others. However, this article focuses on unique islands, which would add awe and surprise factor to your vacation.

1. Majuli Island, Assam

This is the largest river island of the world. Located in Assam, this island is famous for its breathtaking views, sunset view, enjoying the culture of the land and others. To reach the island, you ought to take a boat ride from Jorhat, which is open only two times a day, once at 10 in the morning and once at 3 in the evening.

Top places to visitSastras, mishing village and others

Best time to visitOctober to early January

Top things to doMotorcycle ride, mask making, fishing, trying local cuisine and others

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2. Diu Island, Gujarat

This is a very small island, which is famous for its Portuguese culture. The place is famous for the architectural beauty, serenity of nature and the delicious cuisine of seafood. This region now, has a mix of Gujarati and Portuguese culture, which makes it more beautiful. In addition, unlike Gujarat, this island has legalized alcohol and thus, you can find numerous party groups having an entertaining time here.

Top places to visitDiu fort, temple, seashell museum, St. Paul’s church and others

Best time to visitOctober to early January

Top things to dostay in resort, scooter ride, beach activities, trying cuisine, shopping and others.

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3. Divar Island, Goa

This is one of the hidden gems of the country. This island is located a little away from Goa, on the Arabian Sea. The beach is famous for its lively culture, lush vegetation and interesting activities. You can find ferries from Goa inland to the island. It would not take more than ten minutes to reach the island. Since Goa is such an entertainment spot, people rarely choose to leave Goa to visit this secluded island.

Top places to visitOur Lady of Compassion Church, Ganesh Sateri temple, Portuguese structures, heritage walk and others

Best time to visitNovember to February

Top things to doMotorcycle ride, photography, picnic, trying local cuisine and others

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4. St. Mary’s Island, Karnataka

This is a collection of four tiny islands, which is quite similar to Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway. These islands are very famous for its peculiar basaltic rock formation, found in hexagonal shape. The beach is rocky and the island has clear blue water. This island is an important destination if you are looking for a serene and secluded romantic vacation. The only way to reach the island is by taking a boat ride from Malpe of Karnataka. It would take 15 minutes to reach the island from the inland and the cost of the boat ride is around INR 500.


Top places to visitcoconut gardens, basaltic rock formation

Best time to visitOctober to early January

Top things to doPhotography, boat ride, picnic and others. If you are planning to enjoy a picnic here, buy all the items from Malpe, as the island is literally deserted, except for tourists.

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5. Little Andaman Island, Nicobar

While Andaman and Nicobar Islands are quite common among tourists, there are numerous islands near and around this tourist destination, which are quite hidden and less chosen. One such island is Little Andaman. This place holds beautiful beaches and it is the best place to enjoy nature, in the way it was intended to be. This is the perfect Andaman styled vacation for budget travelers. It takes a day to reach this island from Port Blair, on a ship.


Top places to visitwaterfalls, beaches, surfing sites and others

Best time to visitDecember to March

Top things to dospotting turtles, bathing, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, picnic and others.

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6. Barren Island, Andaman

Located on the eastern side of Andaman Islands, this place is the site of active volcano of Andaman.  This is the only active volcano of Southern Asia. The island is made out of lava rocks, which adds more beauty to the surrounding. The place is serene and beautiful to watch. However, it is illegal to step inside the island without proper paper. Thus, you need to take a ship from Port Blair to reach the island, circle around it and back to Port Blair. You can also find seaplanes from Port Blair, which can hold seven people at a time.


Best time to visitThroughout the year

Top things to dobarefoot scuba, diving and others. If you choose to reach the island, you need special permission for Forest Department.

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7. Grand Island, Goa

This is the island for those who love water activities and seafood. Located close to Goa, this is the land of snorkeling and other water activities. It is moderately populated with tourists and it is one of the unlettered regions of the country. You can reach the island from Goa, by a ferry ride, which spans for 30-40 minutes.


Top places to visitSuzy’s wreck dive, bounty bay dive, shelter cove dive, snail rock dive, dolphin points, spice plantation and others

Best time to visitOctober to May

Top things to doMotorcycle ride, diving, snorkeling, swimming, boating, bait fishing, scuba diving, trekking and others.

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8. Munroe Island, Kerala

Located in the backwaters of Kerala, this island is named after the colonel John Munro. This island is famous for canal cruise and other water activities. This is a quaint island, which is famous among honeymooners looking for a mesmerizing region. If you visit during winter season, you can spot many migration birds


Top places to visitAshtamudi Lake, Sasthacotta Lake, Kottankulangaradevi temple, Munro Church and others

Best time to visitOctober to March

Top things to docruise, backwater ride, weaving, coir retting, boat race viewing, birdwatching and others.

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9. Netrani Island, Lakshadweep

Who said scuba diving is only in Andaman and Lakshadweep? You can enjoy it in Karnataka too. Located around 20 km away from Karnataka, in the Arabian Sea, this island is famous for diving spots, whale spotting and other activities. The island is literally inhabited and only during the peak tourism season, you can find adventure lovers here. It used to be a navy training spot and thus, you need to get prior permission to visit the island.


Best time to visitDecember and January

Top things to dodiving, boating, whale spotting, coral reef view, snorkeling and others.

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10. Narcondam Island, Andaman

This is another volcanic island of Andaman group of Island. However, the volcano located in this island is dormant. This island is famous for water activities and coral spotting. This island is also famous among birdwatchers, as it is the home for the exotic Narcondam hornbill.


Top places to visitslops, lighthouse reef, HQ Pinnacle and others

Best time to visitOctober to early May

Top things to doscuba diving, fishing, trekking and others. The island is inhabited. Thus, buy things you need from Port Blair before starting your trip.

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