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History of Agra

The history of this beautiful city has monuments that hold memories dating back to centuries ago. In fact this city is as old as time can be. It dates back to the amazing mythical tales of Mahabharata. It was re –designed when the Mughal Rule took over in the 15th Century. The Mughal ruler called Sultan Sikander Lodi is the main founder of the world famous tourist attraction called Agra. This beautiful city was founded way back in the year 1504.

Mahabharata Start to Agra: Though formally accepted as being founded and developed by the Mughal Empire, there are links that date back to the mythological times. It is said that the History of Agra is as old as 1000 BC. There are no specific dates about its origin of the mythological times. Below is a smaller, simpler and short breakdown of the History of Agra at each developmental stage.

1504 : Sultan Sikander Lodi founded the glorious city in Agra
1526 : Barbur captured the city in the year.
1565 : Emperor Akbar third in line to Barbur commissioned the magnificent Agra Red Fort. He was known as the building genius and structured several monuments around the centered Agra Fort.
1631 : Emperor Shah Jahan commissioned this flawless poetic & romantic marble structure in memory of his beloved third wife, Mumtaz. The structure has world acclaim and earned coveted titles like Seven Wonders of the World and recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site. "It took 20,000 artists for the fine masonry".

Soon a township around the nucleolus of Taj came to be known as Taj Ganj. The town was mostly inhabited by craftsmen who began selling marble mini Taj. In the course of time the great Emperor Aurangzeb took over the reins. Soon this city with amazing monuments was taken by Marathas and Jhats too.

1803: General Lake of the British Raj took over when Agra earned back its prominence in the north- western cities. During the transition from Jats to the British Rule there were several pricy exquisite pieces carried away. Several great monuments were plundered and saw decline until present modern times.

Agra continues to attract many tourists from around the world. People come all the way to sight the world famous Taj Mahal known for its symbol of love. Not to mention the formidable Agra Red Fort, gated Fatehpur Sikri, enormous Buland Darwaza, plush Mughali Gardens and of course the interesting historical tales that each monument has to say.

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