Mangaleshwar Temple

Though Agra was under the control of Muslim rulers for several decades, the city still holds a diversity in culture. You can find many temples inside the city and the best of all is Mangaleshwar temple. This temple is dedicated to Hindu God, Lord Shiva.

    Best time to visit in Mangaleshwar Temple

    The temple opens by 5 in the morning and closes by 9 in the evening. The best time to visit the temple is during any Hindu festival Agra. The temple is at prime beauty throughout the year. The temple is open throughout the week.

    Where the temple is located ?

    The temple is located on Gokulpura road in Gokulpur region of Agra. You can find taxis, autos and other transportations from any part of the city to Mangaleshwar temple.

    Why this temple is so famous ?

    Just like any other Hindu temple, Mangaleshwar temple has a main deity statue of Lord Shiva. You can find rituals during early morning and by night. There are places inside the temple where elders sit and talk about the God and play area for children. People of any religion or creed are allowed inside the temples.

    Entry Fees ?

    There is no entry fee for the temple. During festival time, you can find long queues. There are people who approach you for a meagre charge to take you near the deity within the shortest time possible. It is a scam and do not fall for it. It is up to you to decide whether to donate money for the temple or not. It is not compulsory.

    History about the Mangaleshwar Temple ?

    There were numerous temples in Agra, which were destroyed by Mughals and British. Only a few were preserved. According to literature, this temple was built during the end of Mughal reign. There is no proof to whether Aurangazeb built it or the small Hindu kings who controlled Mughal region in parts during the end of the reign built the temple. The exact year and name of the king under whom the temple was built are not known.