Taj Mahal Museum

Taj Mahal Museum or Taj Museum is a small museum that is located inside the Taj Mahal complex. It is a double storied building found on a raised platform. The museum has 3 galleries and more than 100 display items that attract every tourist who visits Taj Mahal. The museum was inaugurated in 1982.

Best time to visit in Taj Mahal Museum

The museum is open from 9 in the morning and closes by 5 in the evening. The museum is closed on all Fridays. The museum is at the prime beauty throughout the year. People usually visit Taj Mahal during winter.

Where the Taj Mahal Museum is located ?

The museum is located on the ground floor of Jal Mahal, which is located west to Taj Mahal inside the complex.

Why this is so famous ?

The museum has three main galleries. The exhibits focuses on items related to Taj Mahal, Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal. You can find manuscripts, plan of the monument, marble pillars, paintings, arms, calligraphy, utensils and others.

Once you enter into the museum, you will find paintings of Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal in wooden and ivory frames in the main hall. These paintings date to 17th century. Many coins of Mughal reign can be found in the main hall. On the other side, you can find paintings of 17th century with signature of Shah Jahan and royal seal. The paintings are scenes from Persian epics.

First Gallery

This section contains drawings, plans and architectural elements of the monument. The site plans, copies of Shah Jahan plans that were sent to Raja Jai Singh, documents signed by dealers to send marble inlay works from Rajasthan and others are found in this gallery.

Second Gallery

This section contains objects that belonged to the queen. You can find vases made of jade, mirrors and others, dishes made with celadon ware, swords, word map with indications of where the precious stones found in Taj Mahal were brought from and so on. You can find vessels that break or change color when food mixed with poison is served in it.

Third Gallery

This is the most interesting part of the museum. This section contains paintings of Taj Mahal during 18th century, orders of auction of fruits in the garden around the monument and others. Paintings of Taj Mahal during British rule is a significant attraction in the museum.

Entry Fees ?

  • Entry is free for children below the age of 15.
  • Indian tourists have to pay 40 INR per head.
  • Other foreign visitors have to pay 500 INR per head.
  • On Fridays, the ticket cost will be 10 INR less for all visitors.
  • No separate entry ticket for the museum.


Guide for the museum has to be hired while buying tickets for the Taj Mahal. Separate guides for the museum are not available.

History about the Taj Mahal Museum ?

In late 20th century, the important documents and painting of the monuments and that of the king and the queen were collected and displayed for the public to enjoy. It was an initiative by the government of India and tourism department.

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