Chini Ka Rauza

Chini ka Rauza is a tomb and funerary monument of a scholar, Allama Afzal Khan Mullah. Khan was the prime minister during the reign of Shah Jahan. It is one of the finest example of glazed tile-work during Mughal era. The monument gets its name from the colored tiles that were brought from China.

Best time to visit in Chini ka Rauza

The monument is open throughout the day and throughout the week. The best time to visit the monument is during winter. Winter provides excellent climate, which suits sightseeing.

Where is the Chini ka Rauza located ?

The monument is located very close to Taj Mahal and just a kilometer from Itmadud Daulah tomb. The monument is location in Itmadpur region of Agra, over looking River Yamuna. The monument might be closed during National Holidays.

Why Chini ka Rauza is so famous ?

The architecture of the monument is the first attraction here. The tomb has two main gates, one in the South and other in the North. The tower is three storied and is in octagonal shape. Most of the monument is in ruins today. Balconies of the tomb are another attraction here with inlay works and China tiles. Delicate pietra inlay work is abundant in this monument. Due to time and weather, many enamel decorations have been worn out and the ceiling paintings are damaged. The monument has earthen pots to reduce the weight to concrete filling just like monuments of Egypt and Rome.

Entry Fees ?

The monument is free to explore anytime.

History about the Chini ka Rauza ?

Khan was a poet, scholar and wise man of Persia. He was an important political figure in the court of Shah Jahan. Khan died in 17th century in Lahore. His remains was buried in Agra and the monument was built around it. The tomb faces Mecca.

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