International Airport Agra

Agra finds its beginnings in the mythical tales of the Mahabharata. Later in the 15th Century it was formally ruled by the Mughals, founded by - Sultan Sikander Lodi. There are several historical monuments that tell about the rich history and architecture of the ancient times. Today this city stands as a world famous tourist attraction. Everyday several people from all over the world visit this historical city called Agra.

There is one and only airport Kheria Airport with limited aircrafts and limited airlines. This airport is also the military base and a commercial airport. It is not even an hour’s journey to Agra from Delhi by air. To reach the Agra city hire a cab / taxi from Kheria Airport. It takes around 10 to 15 minutes. The distance is approximately 13 kilometers between Agra and Kheria airport.

"Other Airports Close to Agra: There are four other airports located close to Agra listed below with quick facts".

Airport Travel Time by Air Areal Distance: KM/ Miles
Delhi Airport 3- 3.5 Hours 135 Kilometers / 85 Miles
Lucknow Airport 7- 7.5 Hours 296 Kilometers / 180 Miles
Jaipur Airport 4.5 -5 Hours 222 Kilometers / 137 Miles
Dehradun Airport 9.5 – 10 Hours 348 Kilometers / 217 Miles

This time given above can be used to roughly calculate and plan your trip. There are various airlines and the time to reach the destination Agra by Air will differ. It differs on the route it takes and sometimes this could be a difference of few minutes to several hours.