Best Time to Visit in Agra

Summers in Agra - March to June

During this period sun’s scorching heat may come in the way of enjoying your sightseeing. In early March, the temperatures start at 28 degrees and end up at 48 degrees by end of April and in May. Sometimes summers may drag on if there is a delayed monsoon shower.

March, April & May : Temperatures range from 26 to 48 degrees.

Winters in Agra – November to March

Summers are scorching hot and monsoons can get you drenched so winter is an ideal season to visit Agra. The average temperature is 12 degrees to 16 degrees in these months. Temperatures can drop as low as 2 degrees Centigrade so if you can withstand the cold then it is the best time to visit Agra.

Mid- October : Early March: Temperatures range from 14 to 2 degrees.

Monsoons in Agra – June to September

Monsoon season brings occasional showers in Agra. Also the showers are mild and not so regular. So this is another preferred season to visit Agra as it makes the dry & arid landscape moist. It is pleasant weather too. Monsoons end in the month of September but sometimes go on until mid – October. So if you do not mind sightseeing in an average rainfall of 400 millimeters then visit Agra during monsoons.

Mid- June : Early October: Temperatures range from 25 to 35 degrees. Annual Average Rainfall 400 mm

When would be the Best time to visit in Agra?

The princely city of historical monuments and ancient palaces is truly an amazing place to visit. Several tourists from around the world are attracted to this land of Mughal Era. While many choose to visit during peak season a few would like a less crowded place. The same goes with the climate in Agra.

While a few tourists would like to visit this lovely place during the most pleasant weather, others are unbothered about weather conditions. They would love to go there simply to admire the Romantic Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Peak Tourist Season in Agra: October to March

Weather in Agra

Various other sites of attractions pull people to this city like the plush landscape gardens of Mughal Palaces and the architecture brilliance. Even if it is for the gorgeous yet sturdy structures made from red sandstone or the white marble symbol of romance, the favourite time to visit Agra is all the year round. Generally the weather is favourable as in it is dry, arid and hot almost throughout the year except in the winter months. There is a rush season as tourists visit during the period from October to March.

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