Ram Bagh

Do not confuse with Rambagh Palace of Jaipur. Ram Bagh is a Mughal garden found in Agra. Gardens were not a part of Islamic architecture before the reign of Babar. He introduced the concept of paradise with garden. Today, all Mughal architectures will have iconic gardens. Ram Bagh Garden is one of the oldest Mughal gardens that are still preserved.

Best time to visit in Ram Bagh ?

The garden is open from sunrise to sunset. The garden is usually open from 6 am to 6:30 pm. The timing of sunrise and sunset changes with season. If you are visiting during rainy season, the place looks mesmerizing but the travel becomes uncomfortable with constant showers. The >best time to visit the place is during winter. Early summer is the right time to visit to spot many flowers here.

Where Ram Bagh is located ?

The garden is located in Agra, very close to Chini Ka Rauza. The garden is located 3 km from Itimad Ud Daulah tomb. It is 5 kilometer away from Taj Mahal.

Why this is so famous ?

Huge walls with pavilion towers in the corners surround the place. The garden has four sections separated by waterways and paths. The water for the garden comes from River Yamuna. The water is spread to the garden in three cascades over three terraces. There are two pavilions on the either side of the garden's main water channel. The garden has three levels. The first tier is for vegetables and flowers. The second level is for flowers and the third one is for terrace and tanks. The north side of the garden has a bath place that are in ruins today. You can also find houses in red sandstones that are in ruins. The ruins are not open to tourists.

The main purpose of the garden was to provide shelter to common men during summer season. You can find people resting inside the park during summer season.

Entry Fees ?

  • Indians and citizens of SAARC are charged 15 INR per head.
  • Foreigners are charged 200 INR per head.
  • Children below the age of 15 are not charged.
  • There is no designated parking area inside the garden. You might have to use the parking spots in the road, which might be metered ones.
  • History about the Ram Bagh ?

Babar, the Mughal Emperor built this garden in early 16th century. He named it as Aram Bagh, which means, a place to rest or garden for resting. Babar fell in love with a gardener of the garden and waiting for six days in the garden for her reply. It is said that he left all his royal works and waited idly in the garden for six days. Thus, this place got its name as resting garden. Also, Jahangir waited for a few minutes in this garden for auspicious time to enter into Agra. His wife later re-designed the garden. The remains of Babar was kept in the garden temporarily before taking it to Kabul. Marathas who captured the place in 18th century then called it as Ram Bagh to give a Hindu touch to the place. Many important paintings of Mughal reign has the garden in the background showing the importance of the place.

Shop and Eat

You can find many vendors selling delicacies and fruits right outside the park.

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