Moti Masjid

Moti Masjid of Agra is a mosque that is located inside Agra Fort. Do not confuse it with the Moti Masjid located inside Red Fort of Delhi. Moti can be translated as pearl. This mosque is famous for its architectural beauty and serene environment. Tourists of all religion can enter into the mosque.

Best time to visit in Moti Masjid ?

The fort and the mosque is open from 5:30 in the morning until 6:00 pm. Basically, the mosque is open from sunrise to sunset. The time of sunrise and sunset changes with season.

Where Moti Masjid is located ?

The mosque is located north of Diwan I Aam complex inside Agra Fort. The fort is very close to Taj Mahal and you can find cabs and rickshaws to reach the fort from any apart of the city. Once inside the fort, you need to walk to the mosque.

Why Moti Masjid is so famous ?

The mosque stands on a sloping base. The courtyard of the mosque has several arched recessions and side arcades. There are three domes found on the top made with white marble. You can also find Kiosks with dome inside the mosque. The mosque is built very close to the River Yamuna. Mosques in the world have four steps in the podium and this mosque contains only three steps. You can find decorated marble screen inside the prayer hall, which isolates the place where women gather to pray.

Entry Fees ?

The mosque does not have a separate entry fee. Tourists have to pay 20 INR (for Indians) or 750 INR (for foreigners) to enter the fort.

History about the Moti Masjid ?

Shah Jahan built the mosque inside the fort in 1648. It took four years to build the mosque and he spent 2 lakh and 60 thousand INR for the construction. The mosque gets its name from the color of the marble used for the construction.

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