7 Perfect Destinations in India for Your First Solo Trip

Sometimes we just want to be ourselves; far from everyone, just speaking to our own heart and walking just by own self. Moreover, travelling on your own means less hassles; you need not be dependent on when others will get holidays and where they are willing to go. You can pick your preferred place and set on a journey anytime you are free. But many do not consider travelling alone safe in India; if you are one of the same then consider any of the following places for solo travel as the locals here are as beautiful as the place.

1. Spiti

This piece of land is located between Tibet and India, with the backdrop of the Great Himalayas. This is a peace abode with the soulful hymns coming from monasteries and small houses dotting the green landscape. Relax at the banks of Lake Chandratal as the cool breeze flows through your hair.

Spiti Tibet

2. Pondicherry

Get the feel of France in India at this serene city of Chennai, Pondicherry. This French colony is known for the Rishi Aurobindo Ashram; a mini city with school, hospitals, press and playgrounds. You can stay at Auroville to experience a different lifestyle. The residents at this place are citizens from various countries and hence exhibits the philosophy of unity among diversity. This city is the dream of Rishi Aurobindo to develop a culture of humanity. You can spend hours at the Matri Mandir, in solace and peace.

Matri Mandir Auroville Pondicherry

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3. Hampi

The ruins of Hampi attracts the history lovers. It is a treasure house of fine sculptures, majestic temples and large wells and is considered as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Stone Charriot Hampi

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4. Kodaikanal

Treat your eyes to the spellbinding beauty of nature at KodaiKanal, Tamil Nadu. The placid lake waters surrounded by lush green valleys, grasslands shadowed with clouds and mist wet meadows, nature seem to have decorated the place with its own hands. Last but not the least; relish handmade chocolates of KodaiKanal.


5. Jaisalmer

Visit the Golden City of Jaisalmer to enjoy a regal lifestyle. While the Jaisalmer Fort creates a golden mirage under the midday sun, the enchanting lake of GadiSagar dazzles you with its beauty.

Jaisamler Fort

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6. Ladakh

The quietness of Ladakh creates a mystery. The chilled weather of the place, the bright colored monasteries and the piping hot butter tea accompanied with the warm hospitality of the locals, this hidden land of gems can be the ideal destination of a solo traveler. Check out the best accessibility of How to Reach Ladakh.


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7. Rishikesh

If you are stressed out, pack your bags and set on a journey to Rishikesh. This is the Yoga capital of India, located at the banks of River Ganga. Wake up to the sound of bells and to the aroma of incense and practice this ancient Indian exercise to restore your health.

Rishikesh India

Hence indulge in a vacation of serenity and rejuvenation this holiday just with yourself at India at the above-mentioned places; which are both breathtakingly beautiful and safe.

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