Monasteries in Ladakh

Ladakh often termed "Heaven", is one of the exquisite vacation spots in India. Renowned for its natural beauty that draws everyone to Ladakh has a rich and amazing heritage. Buddhism is a dominant religion, and so beautiful holy Monasteries are built all over the place. The Monasteries are historically and religiously important and hold the Buddhist heritage alive. Also known as Gompas, they run as educational and religious centres. The monasteries are world-renowned and attended by both local and international travellers.

The monasteries delight the visitors with the beautiful interior, incredible architecture that is a mix of Buddhist and Tibetan shills. They also have a wonderful view as it is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, cold deserts, lakes, surreal glaciers, mountain passes and peaceful environment that offer religious prayer to attain peace of mind and purify one's soul.

Most of the Monasteries are located on the hilltop which makes it even more enjoyable for the travellers to enjoy its beauty and click pictures. Alchi Monastery is the oldest Buddhist learning centre in Ladakh. It is established seventy kilometres from Leh in Jammu and Kashmir. The Spituk Monastery which was created in the 11th century is about eight kilometres from Leh. The Likir Gompa is one of the oldest and well-preserved monasteries. Some other notable monasteries are Karma Dupgyud, Hemis monastery, Matho monastery, Rangdum Gompa, Thiksey Monastery, Diskit Monastery etc. Ladakh and its monasteries are a must visit as they are worth the time spent there. With the friendly people, warm environment and beautiful scenes Ladakh is a true Heaven on earth.

So why not head towards this surreal land of snow and religion combined. There are just so many memories that one can collect coming here. It is a vacation that one must have in their lifetime. So head to Ladakh today !