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Best Time To Visit Varanasi

Season Highest temperature Lowest temperature
April to June 46° C 27° C
July to September 32° C 24° C
October to March 20° C 5° C
  • Summer Season

    Summer season starts in April and ends by the beginning of June. India is a tropical country and Varanasi’s temperature can rise as high as 46 degree C during peak summer season. Sometimes, summer showers are common but they are short and mild. These showers might rise up the temperature sometimes. The temperature and humidity are very high during this season. Dehydration is very common during this season. This is the off-season and you can find interesting deals during this season in hotels and tickets.

  • Monsoon Season

    Rainy season starts in July and ends in September. The region get average rainfall during this season. A few religious festivals are seen during this season. Most of people who visit Varanasi during this season are pilgrims and photographers who want to catch the city in rain. Buddhist pilgrims are seen a lot in Varanasi for their visit to Sarnath. Though showers are common, the temperature does not fall considerably. Humidity will be high during this season.

  • Winter Season

    Winter season starts in November and ends by end of March. The temperature is mild and cold during this season. The temperature can go as low as 5 degree C during peak winter season. Snowfall is not seen in this city. Wind from the Himalayan ranges add more chillness to the region. Rainfall is rare during this season.

  • Reason to Visit

    Winter season is the best time to visit the city. The reason is two folded. The first reason is the climate. The climate will be mild and there will be no rainfall and thus, sightseeing and travelling becomes easier. The second reason is the festivals that are enjoyed during this season.

    • Deepawali – November
    • Makar Sankranti – January
    • Mahashivratri – Around March

    Many other festivals and rituals are common during the winter season. November and December are the migration months for Siberian birds. You can find many migration birds during winter. If you are a birdwatcher or if you love nature, you ought to choose winter to spot these birds. The peak tourism season in the city is from November to February.

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