Top Ten Things to Enjoy in Alleppey, Kerala

Alleppey is not just an average sightseeing destination of Kerala. Weighted with the backwaters and the knowledge of Ayurveda, this is one of the top destinations for tourists in the God’s Own Country. Although tourists give more importance to houseboat ride and massages, these are not the only activities to experience in Alleppey, Kerala.

Those who have travelled the quaint routes of Alleppey would have many experiences of unique activities that they will cherish forever.

Are you planning a trip to Alleppey, Kerala? Here are the top activities to enjoy and experience in Alleppey, Kerala.

Kayaking or Canoeing or Houseboat in Alleppey

Kayaking in Alleppey

The backwaters of Kerala are well known for houseboats. Yes, it is one of the most beautiful and traditionally royal way to explore the riddled backwaters lined with canopying coconut trees and bordering paddy fields. However, houseboats are not the only mode of water transportation. You can choose to ride a kayak or canoe on the water. If you are choosing winter to visit Kerala, you can combine your water activity with birdwatching. Top bird species to spot here are White Throated Kingfishers, Stork Billed, Black Dronga, Jungle Myna and others.

Kayak charge: starting from INR 4,000

Suggested tour package: 3 nights/4 days – Kerala tour (Backwater Experience)

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Relax in Beaches of Alleppey

Experience in Alleppey

Beaches of Alleppey

The coastal line of this region has a rich maritime history. You can find lighthouse in the beach to get a panoramic view. Beach is a best spot for spending a peaceful vacation time or a romantic evening. You can also find an old pier, which gets you closer to the sea. Along the beaches of Kerala, you can find small shops, where you can find sea based souvenirs and coir handicraft items. If you are up for some exploration, you can talk to local fishermen to take you on a ride on their catamaran.

Suggested tour package: 6 nights/7 days – Kerala tour (honeymoon package)

Did you ever explore the Spice Plantations in Kerala?? Let’s explore it!!!

5000-year-old Ayurvedic massages in Alleppey

Experience in Alleppey

Ayurvedic Massage in Alleppey

Thanks to the geographical wealth of Kerala, the land is abundant with herbs and plant products that are extensively used in the ancient medical science, Ayurveda. The skill of Ayurvedam is traditionally taught within the families. You can find many traditional Ayurveda homes, where experts provide massages and treatments for many acute and chronic problems. There are also many resorts, which provide Ayurveda experience with a luxury pampering.

Spa charges: starting from INR 1,000 per session

Suggested tour package: 14 nights/15 days – Kerala tour (Ayurveda Treatment)

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Experience rural life at Kuttanad Village, Alleppey

Experience rural life at Kuttanad Village, Alleppey

The entire Kerala is not just with luxury resorts and exotic activities. The rural destinations of the state have much more to provide you. This land gets its wealth for its cultivation. Do you know that the European countries took interest in the country because of the spices and wealth of Kerala coast? Kerala has the traditional method of cultivating in regions, which are around 10 ft below the average sea level. The best place to experience the rural face of Kerala is Kuttanad Village, the lowest point of the country. You can watch waterways, traditional agriculture activities, farmlands and enjoy the fresh cuisine of the land. Have you seen a duck farm? You can find one easily here.

Suggested tour package: 5 nights/6 days – Kerala tour (Wildlife Experience)

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Enjoy the Traditional Marital Art Performance in Alleppey

Kalaripayattu – Traditional Performance in Alleppey

Kalaripayattu is an important marital art skill of Kerala. This technique is taught in special schools by experts. You can stay to learn the basics of this art or catch a performance by experts.

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Go for divine searching in Alleppey

Experience in Alleppey

Temples in Alleppey

You might be a pious person or an atheist. This will not stop you from enjoying the culture and color of the spiritual destinations of Alleppey. This backwater region has a rich density of Christianity and Hinduism. You can find ancient and modern temples and churches, in harmony. If you really wish to enjoy the culture, you ought to visit during any local festival. Top religious sites to visit are Chettikulangara Bhagavathy temple, St. Mary’s Church, Latin Catholic Church, St. Andrew’s Florence Forance Church, Ambalapuzha Krishna Temple and so on.

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Suggested tour package: 12 nights/13 days – Kerala tour (All Kerala Attraction)

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Spend a day with Elephants in Alleppey

Experience in Alleppey

Spend a day with Elephants in Alleppey

A little away from Experience in Alleppey, there is an elephant training camp. This camp allows tourists to feed, bathing and play with elephants. You can also enjoy elephant rides around the camp. The only catch here is that the mahouts and camp managers know only the local language. You ought to bring some local guide with you to help you with the whole process. If you were travelling with your kids, this would be a wonderful experience in Alleppey, for your family.

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Shopping in Alleppey

Experience in Alleppey

Shopping in Alleppey

Any cultural destination will have a lot of culture and historic based souvenirs and art works for sale. Any natural-beauty destination will have its list of nature based products and articles. Then, there is Alleppey, which is a culture infused natural paradise. The list of things to buy is abundant and the local stores are open with smile. Top things to buy here are spices, handicrafts items, artifact replica, trinkets, jewelry, coir products, infused oil, natural products and maritime souvenirs. Best market in the region in Alappuzha Zakariya Market.

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Traditional Homestay in Alleppey

EXperience in Alleppey

Traditional Homestay in Alleppey

Forget resorts. The best way to experience the real Kerala is by choosing to stay in homestay. The homestay are historic heritage homes, which maintains the décor and hospitality of the traditional high society families of Kerala. You can enjoy and experience the culture and tradition of the land. The staffs will help you with local unique activities around the region, with ease. They are the best local guides you could ever find.

Cuisine of Alleppey

Experience in Alleppey

Cuisine of Alleppey

There is something about the flavor of coconut and fragrance of fresh spices in their cuisine. It helps to bring out the taste palate of seafood like no other cuisine. Thanks to coconut, their cuisine is creamy and rich. The cuisine also takes advantage of the fresh floral scent of banana leaf, which is used as a plate for serve dishes. When it comes to vegetarian dishes, the region has a variety of local produce and the right assortment of spices for different types of vegetables.

Alleppey is much deeper and beautiful that just these ten activities. There are so many things to experience in Alleppey such as Sunset view in Alleppey, explore snack boat race festival, go for a bird watching and wildlife tours, spend quality time at Marari Beach, Talk with local people and learn about other activities that you can experience in Alleppey. Kerala is one of the friendliest states of the country and you can end up having a special vacation here.

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