Goa Local Arts & Handicrafts

If you are in Goa, it is simply irresistible to ignore the items made by the local craftsmen. With exquisite articles made from coconut husks, palm leaves, brass and wood, everything that is made by its craftsmen is simply irresistible.

What’s more, the colours used on them to highlight the contours of the products are simply immaculate. They are just bright and right when it comes to amuse the keenest handicrafts lovers.

With simply eye-catchy details, things are just perfect when it comes to Goa handicrafts. It is a fact that these items play a fundamental role in Goa tourism. The Government of Goa also supports these local handicrafts makers. There is no dearth of various products, which mark the Goa culture in its entirety.

Coir Products

If you are in Goa, don’t ever forget to buy the especially hand-made hats, knotted mats, masks and tough ropes, which are primarily made from the coconut husk. As they are considered the oldest handicrafts in Goa, their value cannot be undermined when it comes to exquisite handicrafts. What’ more, other things made from coir include pot hangers, shopping bags, coasters, ashtrays, lamp shades, chandeliers, curtains, table mats, mirror frames, ladies purses and other traditional items.

Jute Macrame Craft

Among other material, jute is also one of the cheapest natural fibres widely used by the craftsmen of Goa when it comes to designing decorative things. With marvelous bags, wall hangings, flower pots, hangers, ladies purses etc shopping in Goa becomes simply marvelous. As we know that jute materials are made from the most unique crafts of India, Jute Macrame Craft is also one of the widely used products.

Brass work

The other material from which you can enjoy a wide variety of products is brass. You can easily witness several artisans molding brass into various designs. The view is simply best when it comes to various products with shapes and sizes.

You can buy exquisite items such as ashtrays, hanging oil lamps, candle stands, statues, etc. One of the most famous products of Goa is the lamp Samai (a tree-like oil lamp with flower motifs). It will not be an exaggeration to state that the artisans involved in the process produce work of geniuses when it comes to moulding brass by hands. In fact, the artistes do everything with such precision that it looks great. You will be surprised to note that what these artistes are capable of doing cannot be achieved even by the modern machinery and techniques.

Bamboo Craft

The art of bamboo craft is believed to have originated from the rural areas of Goa. The credit particularly goes to the Mahar community. Bamboo craft is believed to be the oldest arts. Both Bamboo and Crane crafts are widely used for making decorative items in houses. The origin of this art was to cater to bamboo carriers and baskets which were specially designed for the farmers and fishermen. Farmers carried baskets that used to carry coconut, rice, paddy, fish, and flowers.

When Goa became one of the major tourist hubs, the art flourished like never before. With several decorative items like flower pots, pen stands, baskets, lightweight furniture and letter holders, this art form is in wide recognition and acceptance.

To posses these items, you only need to explore Goa beaches or the interiors and you will be delighted to see the items in your hands. You can always find the tribes indulging in the activity of making beautiful handicrafts and that is where you get a sense of relief.

You can enjoy loads of items such as wooden lacquer–ware papier-mache, terracotta Pottery, woodcarving, crochet and embroidery, and other items.