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How To Reach Varanasi ?

  • By Air :

    Lal Bhadur Shastri International airport

    Varanasi has a domestic airport, which receives frequent flights from various major cities like Mumbai, Delhi and others. Those who are planning to visit Varanasi from an international location usually choose Delhi international airport. It takes a little more than an hour to fly from Delhi to Varanasi. Other international

    Flight time :
    • Mumbai to Varanasi : 2:30 hours
    • Hyderabad to Varanasi : 2:10 hours
    • Delhi to Varanasi : 1:25 hours
    • Kolkata to Varanasi : 1:20 hours
    • Chennai to Varanasi : more than four hours (through Hyderabad)

  • By Rail :

    Varansi Railway Station

    The country is well connected with each other by rail. Varanasi has two main stations namely the Varanasi Railway Station and Kashi Railway Station. These stations receive frequent trains from surrounding cities and direct trains from Delhi, Agra, Mumbai and other important cities.
    The railway station is just 4 km away from the Dasaswamedh Ghat where the famous Ganga Aarti takes place. From the railway station, you can hire auto rickshaw, car or auto to reach up to Godaulia. No vehicle can scale the city beyond Godaulia. From Godaulia, you can reach the market and the ghats on foot in five to ten minutes.

    Rail time :
    • Mumbai and Varanasi : One day and two hours
    • Hyderabad and Varanasi : One day and seven hours
    • Delhi and Varanasi : 13 hours and 38 minutes
    • Kolkata and Varanasi : 11 hours and 57 minutes
    • Chennai and Varanasi : One day and twelve hours

  • By Road :

    Many private and public buses run from various cities to Varanasi directly or pass through Varanasi. You can also hire cabs from various destinations to reach the spot.

    Distance between top cities and Varanasi :
    • Agra to Varanasi : 577 km
    • Gwalior to Varanasi : 810 km
    • Hyderabad to Varanasi : 1217 km
    • Bangalore to Varanasi : 1779 km
    • Jaipur to Varanasi : 782 km
    • Jhansi to Varanasi : 511 km
    • Patna to Varanasi : 235 km
    • Kolkata to Varanasi : 680 km
    • Delhi to Varanasi : 780 km
    • Chennai to Varanasi : 1813 km
    • Mumbai to Varanasi : 1593 km
    • Lucknow to Varanasi : 300 km
    • Ujjain to Varanasi : 864 km

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