Lake Fateh Sagar

Lake Fatehsagar Udaipur

Lake Fateh Sagar is a massive artificial lake in the city of Udaipur and one of the four lakes in the city that is rightfully called as the City of Lakes. It was constructed back in 1678 and houses several small islands within the lake and the majestic Aravalli hills binding the view making more grand.

One of the islands of the lake has been transformed into a public park that forms the perfect spot for picnics; Nehru Park also houses a marvelous jet water fountain which forms the centre of attraction of the park. Another island on the Lake Fateh Sagar houses the Udaipur Solar Observatory.

Where is the Lake Fatehsagar located ?

The second largest artificial lake in Udaipur, Lake Fateh Sagar lies just beside the entrance to Moti Magri Hill. Enjoy the views of the lake while you drive around its circumference on Moti Magri Road,Fathe Sagar road and Rani Road.

Unique Attractions about Lake Fatehsagar

Like the other 3 artificial lakes in the city of Udaipur, Lake Fateh Sagar was built by the rulers of the bygone era to provide a solution towards irrigation problems in Rajasthan and to beautify the city of their reign. Here is a list of unique things to do near the Fateh Sagar Lake:

  • Visit the Chetak Smarak, it is a historical monument, which is built as a memorial of Chetak. The famous horse of Rana Pratap. It is also the final resting place of Chetak.
  • The horse took its last breath at this very spot after crossing the river, in order to save the king thus succumbing to its brutal battle wounds.
  • Nehru Park is known for its tranquility and rejuvenating freshness. Paired with amazing sights of the mountain range beyond the lake’s horizon, this beautifully decorated public park is every nature lover’s paradise.
  • Visit the Udaipur Solar Observatory atop the other island on the lake.
  • Walk with history at the Garden of Maiden i.e. Sahelion ki Bari near the Bharatiya Lok Kala Mandal located 0.8 km from the Lake.
  • Visit the Shrinathji Temple close to the lake dedicated to the Hindu deity Lord Krishna.

History of the Lake Fatehsagar

Build in 1678 the lake was first constructed by Maharana Jai Singh. However, the lake got its name from the king Maharana Fateh Singh who made considerable additions to the lake. Chronologically this was the second artificial lake constructed in Udaipur with the first being Lake Jaisalmand. 200 years after its construction the earthen dam built in the times of Maharana Jai Singh got washed away during torrential floods, so in 1887 Maharana Fateh Singh built the Connaught dam to mark the visit of the Duke of Connaught i.e. son of Queen Victoria. Thus, this restoration of the lake led to its renaming as Maharana Fateh Sagar Lake.

Accomodation near Lake Fateh Sagar

  • Jaiwana Haveli
  • The Lalit Laxmi Vilas Palace Udaipur
  • Brahma Niwas
  • Hotel Lakend
  • Ram Pratap Palace
  • Darshan Palace Hotel

Shop and eat around the Jag Mandir Palace:

There are numerous popular cafes, restaurants and eateries near the Lake that offer mesmerizing views of the sparkling waters of the lake under the shadow of the mountains.

For shopping one can visit places like Saptapadi Luxury Store LLP, selling bespoke apparel collections, Indune – Hands of Maker selling unique collection of clothing, accessories and more. S.naaz art emporium also sells unique handicrafts and souvenirs, Little Armani is a great suite shopping place in the Udaipur city.

Tips for travelers

  • Take guided tours around the lake for best experience, only hire from recognized sources.
  • Carry umbrella and strong sunscreen lotions when taking walks around the islands during the day as the temperatures soar pretty high.
  • Definitely try the local cuisine at any of the reputable restaurants around the lake for complete authentic experience of Udaipur.

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