Wildlife National Parks in North India

The biodiversity of Indian sub continent has transformed it into a kingdom of varied species of birds and animals. From the snow capped Himalayan Mountains to the golden sands of Thar Desert, every corner of North India has a national park providing safe shelter to the rich flora and fauna. These national parks are not cages to the wildlife, but safeguarded zones of open sky and endless land to live a life of freedom and peace.

The Ranthambhore National Park

Once the private and exclusive hunting reserves of the kings of Rajasthan, the Ranthambhore National Park is at present a protected sanctuary to the hundreds of animals and birds. The prime attraction of the Ranthambhore National Park is the Royal Bengal Tigers. Unlike the other Indian national parks, it is easy to spot tigers here.

Leopards, hyenas, wild boars, monkeys, Sambar, Chital, Chinkara, Black Buck, four horned and barking deer are the other wildlife that you can see here. While elephant safari enhances the thrill of exploration, boat rides over the forest lakes help you meet the silent killers, the marsh crocodiles, desert monitor lizards, tortoise, rat snakes, rattle vipers and pythons, resting under the warm sun. The 300 trees of the forest are nests to 272 species of birds. From the dancing peacocks, fish loving kingfishers, hard working woodpeckers to the melodious cuckoos, the avian life of Ranthambhore National Park is a bird watcher's delight.

Corbett National Park

Named after the great hunter turned naturalist Jim Corbett, the Corbett National Park is a land of Royal Bengal Tigers. Known as one of the best managed national parks of the country, the Corbett National Park is also a natural abode for wild boars, elephants and to a wide variety of deer, like the Chital and Sambar. While the flying fox, pangolins and hedge hog are some of the peculiar animals of the forest, the mysterious Gharial and endangered species of Nilgai are the other treasures. Along with great hornbills, fishing eagle, little fork tail, there are 600 species of avian life here.

The Great Himalayan National Park

Covered with white snow and Alpine meadows, the Great Himalayan National Park is a terrain of some rare flora and fauna. The 209 species of birds of the forest include the plum headed parakeets, gorgeted fly catchers, black chinned blabbers, sweet little sunbirds and the grey hooded warblers. Along with its picturesque beauty, the park is a must visit to check out the endangered species of Tragopan and Musk Deer. While the Himalayan brown bear, also known as Ursus Arctos is the largest terrestrial carnivore, the Indian Pika, Rhesus Macaque, the Himalayan black bear and red fox are care free in this natural abode. The beautiful woods of the Great Himalayan National Park are colourful with butterflies.

The Valley of Flowers National Park

Though the valley is covered with a snow blanket throughout the year, during the monsoons, it is a carpet of bright and beautiful flowers. The enchanting environment of Valley of Flowers National Park helps the endangered species of Asiatic black deer, snow leopard and musk deer survive in solitude. While the brown bear and blue sheep are found in abundance, this national park is also ideal for trekking at the laps of nature.

The Hemis National Park

Jammu and Kashmir is just not a paradise on earth with its pristine natural beauty, but also home to the largest number of snow leopards in the world; 200 in number, the snow leopards are endangered species of wildlife. The Shapu, also known as blue sheep, Bharals, Himalayan Marmot, Tibetan Wolf and the Mountain Mouse Hare are some of the known mammals of the Hemis National Park.

Rare bird species, like the Golden Eagle, Himalayan Griffon Vulture, Lammergeyer Vulture, the Tibetan Snow Finch, Robin Accentor, Tickell's Warbler, Fork Tailed Swift, Himalayan Snow cock and Fire Frontier Serine are found here.

Hence, nestled between the mountains and deserts, North India is an epitome of a balanced ecosystem. Get close to nature this vacation with a wildlife tour and explore the national parks of North India; a tour that you will surely cherish for your lifetime.