Rajasthani Turban

Rajasthan is a place famous for its hot and dry weather throughout the year. However, there are several tourists from all over the world and domestic tourists who throng this region of colors. The buildings are colorful, the females wear bright and colorful fabrics which are mirrored and sequined, and males too wear >colorful attire in festivals.

However, there is a crown they wear on their heads called ‘turban’. It is wound around the head and there are various methods to tie a turban. The turbans are worn by Bollywood stars in several movies. Shah Rukh Khans sports various turbans including the Rajasthan turbans in his movies.


Traditionally, the turban is called ‘Pagri’ and there is a significance why the men wear this turban. It is also known as ‘Paag’ or ‘Saafa’ in some regions. In different regions of India, people wear different types of turbans. However in Rajasthan alone, every 10 -15 km you travel is a different way they tie the turban.

Seasonal Turbans

For different seasons there is a different type of turban that the men of Rajasthan sport. For example in monsoons, they sport the turban with tye and dye in waves. Some of them wear striped colored turbans especially pink and green or red and yellow lahariya turbans.

Safa: This turban is the longest measuring nine meters in length and one meter in width.

Pancharanga: These are specially colored turbans worn by the men of Rajasthan especially in harvest season.

Falgunia: They have mainly red and white colored designs is worn during Holi celebrations.

Black Chunari Turban: This is generally worn during the times of celebrating festival of lights –Diwali.

Mothara: This kind of turban can be distinguished by its tiny round circles. It is generally worn during Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan.

For Dusshera, men wrap a saffron colored turban mostly.

Yellow Colored Turban is worn for Basant Panchami.

On full moon nights the men wear a light pink colored turban.

The list goes on as the type of turbans and method of tying them around the head differ from one another.