Famous Rajasthani Cuisine

Dal Baati Churma The Rajputana Land of Rajasthan or Land of Maharajas is famous for its rich culture, sightseeing, tourism, shopping, culture, and also the tangy dishes consisting of range of scrumptuous food. Everything from starter snacks to final dessert on the platter is a must – taste lip smacking delicacy unique to the Rajwadi land.

Rajasthan is World wide famous for its sweets & spicy cuisine. Dal Baati Churma and Laal Maas are the famous authentic Rajasthani Cuisine.

Planning a trip to Rajasthan ? Then not to forget to try some of the famous and delicate Rajasthani dishes.

Here are the Top 20 Famous Rajasthani Foods:

1. Dal Bati Churma

This is the most popular authentic Rajasthani dish and top famous Rajasthani cuisine. The Batis are eaten along with Churma for a tasty and healthy meal. It is accompanied by the Panchkuti dal.

2. Mohan Thaal

The traditional sweet is found only in Rajasthan and satisfies your sweet tooth. It is a regal dessert set to mesmerize your senses. The ingredients for this dish mainly consists of besan or gram flour and is garnished with a variety of dried fruit and flavoring.

3. Laal Maas

A hot favorite with the non-vegetarians who are waiting for spicy gravy dish served with bajra rotis or rice. The name ‘laal’ means red and the dish is red due to the fiery red chillies added to it. It is also red to see and is the top non-veg dish served in Rajasthan.

4. Mawa Kachori

This Jodhpuri favorite is something you have to relish when you are in Rajasthan. The sweet tasting Kachoris are filled in with milky substance thickened by a lenghy process called Mawa. You can also taste the scrumptuous dry fruits. When served hot it is a great way to get all set for the mornings.

5. Mirchi Bada

This evening snack is generally taken at tea time at dusk or even with breakfast in the morning. It is made with the big huge type of chilly deep dipped in a loose mixture and deep fried in boiling oil. It is garnished with chopped onion and special tastemaker powders generally served with tasty dips.

6. Mohan Maas

The specialty of this meat dish is it’s another regal dish prepared extensively in milk and full cream. This non-vegetarian Rajwadi dish is full of dry fruits and seasoned with cardamom and cinnamon powders. It is another meat delicacy served in the dessert state.

7. Kalakand

This famous milky soft sweet has origins in this state of Rajasthan. The Alwar Kalakand is well known for the sweet specialty and this amazing mawa dish is now found in various sweet stores all over the country.

8. Pyaaz Ki Kachori

This is the hot version of the Kachoris and made with a variety of spices added to stuffed boiled potatoes and fried onions. This round puffed out namkeen is available throughout the state of Rajasthan. This is generally served with tangy and sour tamarind and also serves a a tasty and healthy breakfast.

9. Gatte ki Saji

The dish consists of thick gravy often served with flat bread, bajra rotis or even Gatte Pulao. It is also popularly known as Govind Gatte which is an opulent version of the Masala Gatte dish. The besan gattes are stuffed with dry fruits and sometimes interchanged with sorts of veggies served with Kadhi.

10. Rajasthani Kadhi

The Rajasthani Kadhi is a lip smacking unique preparation though it seems very common. The main ingredients for this dish include bengal gram flour and pakoras. This is also one of the most popular dishes in Rajasthan known for its authenticity.

11. Ghevar

This crunchy sweet delicacy will amaze your hunger for sweets. It is made in various shapes and sizes. It is prepared as a specialty for festivals, gatherings, weddings, or traditional welcome. The sweet will enlighten you as you see it and then taste this dish considered the top Rajasthani sweet delicacy.

12. Badam ka Halwa

This is another winter specialty sweet where you can savor every bite of this sweet halwa served hot. It keeps you warm in the cold desert climate of Rajasthan. It also reminds you about the sweet childhood memories. It is made from semolina, sweet, dry fruit and ghee and is so soft to melt away in your mouth.

13. Moong Ki Daal Ka Halwa

If you go for a vacation to Rajasthan especially during the winters then this sweet is just for you. It is most served during winter months and the season is also famous for Moong Dal ki Halwaein. It tops the charts specifically for wedding celebrations as it is served as speciality garnished richly wtih dry fruits.

14. Malpua

This rich dish of Rajasthan has a unique and nutritious ingredients added to it. It is served as a specialty as celebration, offered to guests, or special times. It is prepared with all purpose flour, milk, thick dry cream and stuffed with a lot of dry fruits. It is served along with Rabdi. If you visit Rajasthan for the famous Pushkar fair then make sure to eat the specialty of the fair and season which is Malpua.

15. Bajra ki Roti with Lehsun Chutney

The Bajra Rotis from Rajasthan are a healthy tasty meal that can be eaten with any curry and at all times. The stiff roti tastes best when served with Lehsun ki Chutney. It is served well with onion chutney and you can taste the pieces of garlic and fiery red chillies in the Lehsun chutney. It is a hot and spicy dish and you will require some sweet or water while eating this authentic Rajputana dish.

16. Churma Ladoo

This is a famous sweet laddoo relished in the north western states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is prepared with many healthy ingredients that will fill your hunger cries and it tastes yummy too. This healthy sweet consists of wheat flour mixed with ghee and jaggery topped with Khus – Khus seeds. This sweet is specifically prepared for special puja or festive seasons especially Ganesh Chaturthi.

17. Balushahi

This soft and sweet tasty snack can be compared to the likes of the popular modern glazed doughnuts. However, it looks slightly different as there is no hole in it. It is a popular saccharine dish that is simple in the preparation method and simply melts away in your mouth as you relish the Balushahi.

18. Ker Sangari

This sweet is a specialty unique only to the place of Rajasthan. The wild berry – Ker is found in the center of the massive Thar desert. This is prepared with Sangari which is also a wild beans but dried. These two main ingredients are the specialty of the authentic Rajasthani dish that amazes you lesser in the presentation and smell but definitely the taste.

Moreover, it is also prepared with local or regional species and herbs and is also curated with other Sabzi from Rajasthan. It is served with Bajre ki Rotiyan garnished with white butter that gets slowly melted onto the roti.

19. Aam ki Launji

The authentic taste of Rajasthan is savoured in this tangy, sour and sweet preparation which is generally made like a pickle. It is also mixed or eaten along with your main dish and the curry / curries with it. It gives the spicy touch to the simple meal or even plain parathas. The preparation is done with the famous raw mango by marinading them in specific aromatic spice and sugar. This sweet sour combo gives a mind-blowing taste in your mouth. It is more popular as Kacche Aam ki Laungi or Raw Mango.

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