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Rajasthani Food

With famous cuisines such as Lachhedar Paratha, Daal Bati and Churma , and Besan ki Missi Puri falling in the category of Marwari Cuisine, Hare and Game Birds, Wild Boar, in the category of Rajput Cuisines under meat preparations, the taste is simply unforgettable.

Don’t think that the tasty cuisines end here. There is a lot more as there is no dearth of mouth watering preparations such as Red Chilli Chutneys, Jal Jeera, Chhaach (Butter Milk), and Thandai (Cool Almond Milk).

Non-Vegetarian Dishe

Rajasthan offers great food for excellent people. For example, Murgh ko Khaato (chicken cooked in curd), Kacher Maas (Llamb), Achhar Murgh (Chicken Pickle), Lal Mass (Red Meat), Safed Maas (White Meat).

Vegetarian Dishes

Vegetarian Dishes include Kair Sangri, Papad Ki Sabzi, Govind Gatta, Alu Mangori, Kair Sangri, and Au Samosa.

Must Try Dishes

  • Daal Bati Churma

  • Kair Sangri

  • Bajre ka Soyata

  • Lal Mass

  • Rajasthan is rich in its cuisines as it changes with its every city. If Alwar is famous for Mawa (Condensed Milk), Tonk offers Sawaiyan (Sweet Dish). If you are heading for the Pushkar Fair, you will be delighted to enjoy Malpua (Sweet Pan Cakes). Well, the famous Bikaner does not lag behind as it offers Spicy Snacks. Ajmer is famous for its Sohan Halwa (Sweet Desert). And Jaipur for its Mishri Mawa and Ghevar.

Do You Know ?

Rajasthan is World wide famous for its sweets & spicy cuisine.