Top Destinations for Adventure Trip in India

Saint Augustine once said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only one page.” Life is filled with ups and downs and twists and turns. Day after day, week after week, month after month and life sets in monotony. The path to ‘Roti, Kapda aur Makaan’ along with our other desires, sets us in that quotidian, mundane routine, which seems like never-ending. Everyone needs that desired break to rejuvenate and get that zeal for life, and what better to get the adrenaline rushing than some adventures on roads less travelled. India is also famous for best Adventure trip in India.

The country is massive in size and is a blend of vast plains and plateaus, rivers and falls,
roaring majestic Himalayas and water bodies on three sides. Thinking of treks in dense forests or on high altitudes or river rafting or cliff jumping or dive into the waters and find Nemo; well, India is got you covered. It’s time to jot down your bucket list and get into the action of ticking a few off the list with your amigos. Stay tuned as we put together top destinations in India for your next adventure trip.

1. Rishikesh – Uttarakhand

Adventure trip in India

River rafting in Rishikesh

Located on the banks of River Ganga, this city is more than yoga and its spiritual centers. It happens to be the ‘River Rafting Capital of India’, where the holy Ganga river flows at the speed of Grade I-V. Hitting the fast gushing waters on the backdrop of sparkling Himalayas covered lush green is a tale to be experienced than be told. Comes in various packages, depending on kilometers covered, each ride is accompanied with professional rafters for a risk-free, safe and enjoyable ride for everyone.

Feeling a little too adventurous? Rishikesh also has the highest bungee jumping podium; with an ecstatic height of 83 meters. Feel weightless and have a leap of faith, with a free fall of just 5 seconds. Let us warn you, it’s not for the weak-hearted; literally! The entire facility is managed excellently with a trained professional for an ultimate experience.


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2. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Adventure trip in India

Scuba diving at Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The 500 and over a cluster of islands is  not just a popular honeymoon destination, but
also a great place to go snorkeling and scuba diving. The serene, clear blue water with a plethora of marine life, truly makes the trip worthwhile. The Islands have many diving spots and are well managed.

You cannot lose to miss the lifetime experience to explore the coral reefs and many more marine lives which we just read about in books or saw in some exotic aquariums. It is said there are many shipwrecks underwater too; exploring which will be no less of a movie experience.

Suggested tours – 5 Nights / 6 Days – Andaman Package

3. Bir Billing – Himachal Pradesh

Adventure trip in India

Paragliding at Bir Billing

Said to be the Paragliding capital of India, Bir Billing is a small, quaint, idyllic village
located in Palampur district of Himachal Pradesh. It is known to be the safest paragliding
destination with take-off at 8000 feet above the sea level and landing site 4300 feet. It is the second-highest paragliding site in the world after Chamonix in Europe, and let us ensure you; it is no less than the first.

With world-class facilities and experts, the place is filled with paragliding enthusiasts from around the world. Enjoy the cool breeze as you fly like a bird with the breathtaking view of Himalayan mountain ranges and the flora and fauna around it. Being an adventure sport, Bir Billing successfully hosted the 2015 world cup for paragliding.

4. Ladakh – Jammu and Kashmir

Adventure trip in India

Trekking in Ladakh

Known to be a town located at the highest altitude in India, Ladakh is not a new name for
many. Among many small and big treks, it is best known for Chadar trek. Open only during the winter season, the trek takes place at the Zanskar River which freezes and gets covered in a blanket of snow. The experience of walking on the frozen river is definitely not a cake-walk and trekkers have to face various challenges. It is one of the perfect place for adventure trip in India.

Commonly, spread across an 8-day trek, enthusiasts have to face temperatures reaching -30 degrees and high altitudes up to 11,000 feet to complete the trek. During the trek, one can enjoy canyon shaped valleys, covered in thick snow, the frozen river and a frozen waterfall at the end of it.

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5. Goa – The Official Party Hub of the Country

Water Sports at Goa

The state of Goa, located on the western coast of the country is considered one of the
major destinations in India. The state has more than thirteen beaches. The place has very beautiful scenery with an exotic effect to it. For beach lovers as well as those who love adventure, this is one of the best place for vacation in India.

Apart from swimming in the Atlantic, there are many more activities that people can do here, a few examples of that being parasailing, scuba diving, kayaking, dinghy boating, boat riding, rafting, windsurfing, riding water scooters etc.

Apart from this, there are also numerous clubs in almost all of the beaches giving the tourists a very precise picture of the party scene in this city. There are also many places to visit like the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Church of Mae De Deus, Temple of Bodgeshwar, St Xavier’s Church, Dudhsagar Waterfalls, etc. The Sunburn Festival of Goa is a very famous event and takes place in the months of December.

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6. Mcleodganj – The Heaven Amidst The Hills

Camping at Mcleodganj

McLeodganj is a district of Dharamshala in the Kangra region of Himachal Pradesh in
India. It is also known as “Little Lhasa” or “Dhasa” which is basically a short form of
Dharamshala and is used mainly by Tibetans. This name was given to this place because a large number of Tibetans reside here. This place is considered as heaven in the middle of the hills because of its magnificent beauty.

This place is close to Pathankot and is not at all hard to travel to. Nature here allows the travellers to take a break from their duty-filled lives as well as the city pollution and enjoy the calm and tranquil life for a few days. There are also camping sites here.

This is one of the best sights in India for camping, regardless of the time or season. Tourists can easily layout their camps under the star-filled skies and enjoy their evenings with their friends. This place also offers a mind blowing view of the Dhauladhar range of hills. Apart from just camping, there are also a few other interesting spots here like Kangra Fort, Dalai Lama Temple complex, Bhagsunath Temple, Bhagsu Falls, tea plantations of Kangra valley, Namgyal Monastery, HPCA Stadium, and Triund trek.

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7. Meghalaya – the abode of clouds

Elephant Ride at Meghalaya

The city of Meghalaya, also known as the ‘abode of clouds’ lies in the lap of the Garo
and Khasi Hills in the Eastern Himalayas. With the gushing waterfalls, lush terraced slopes,
dense forests, mystic caves, and sparkling lakes and rivers, Meghalaya is one of the most
charming states of North-east India. It is an ideal destination for holidays, especially for those who are trekkers and nature lovers.

Apart from the awe-inspiring scenery, there are a lot of unique features of this north-east Indian state that attracts tourists. Meghalaya is the only state where bridges are grown. This was first practiced by the folks of Khasi tribe in Meghalaya. They used to grow these bridges throughout the ages by guiding the combined roots of rubber trees over excavated beetle nut trunks so as to make them run over creeks and rivers.

As these bridges grow older, the strength in the roots increases, making the bridge stronger. The ‘double-decker living root bridge’, which is in Cherrapunjee is one such inventive splendour and has been standing resilient for over 200 years. Another unique and lovable feature of this state is the beautiful and at the same time claustrophobic caves of ‘Krem Mawsmai’.

Even though these caves are a bit constricted, they hold the power to leave the tourists spellbound with their amazing sculptures, pillars, and stalactites formed over the years. Apart from all of these, another factor that makes Meghalaya a must-visit is the delicious local food found here.

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8. Mysore – For its rich culture

Adventurous Activities in Mysore

Mysore, the historic city in the south is considered to be the cultural capital of the state of
Karnataka. The city is well known for its magnificent gardens as well as palaces. Mysore is also a rapidly developing IT hub, but side by side it has also strictly maintained its cultural charm and heritage. Every part of the city is always filled with life.

Most of the sites of interest in Mysore are historic sites. This is the perfect place for Adventure trip in India with the urge of knowing more about the culture and heritage of our country. Some such places in this city of Mysore are the elaborate lanes of the glorious ‘Mysore City Palace’ alluring with thousands of bulbs touching the dark evening sky, the expansive ‘Brindavan Gardens’ that is lined up with harmonious fountains alongside the pathways, the extravagant royal parades of colourfully adorned up elephants throughout the world-renowned ‘Mysore Dasara Festival’, the ‘Chamundeshwari Temple’ hovering on the ‘Chamundi Hill’ or the display of the well-conserved ‘Hoyasala Temples’ in Somnathpur; the city of Tipu Sultan.

These places, with their extravagant simplicity, throughout the years, continue to fascinate the tourists with its rich cultural legacy. Part from these historical locations, even the simplest things such as boulevard swarming with stalls swapping gorgeous sandalwood carvings, markets aligned with shops vending lovely silk sarees to sweet shops lined up with throngs of customers waiting to finally taste the delicacies and the city’s streets saturated in the cologne of aromatic incense also entices tourists, both national as well as international.

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9. Hampi – For its brilliantly carved monuments


It is a city that is engrossed by the splendid past of the historic empire named
‘Vijaynagara’ which dated back to the 14th to 16th centuries. This is another one of the historic locations of India and is a perfect destination for vacation. The city is very rich in amazingly gorgeous monuments, historic palaces, and the temples that narrate the tales of the brilliance and splendour of the kings of the ancient Vijaynagara.

The mesmerizing and exquisite carvings of the iconic stone chariot in the ‘Vijaya Vittala Temple’, the inventive magnificence of the ‘Virupaksha Temple’, the elaborately carved columns of the ‘Achyutaraya Temple’ or the captivating construction of the ‘King’s Balance’, all these are a part of the heritage make the city the perfect place for vacation that it is.

A walk through the roads of this beautiful city is enough to help the tourists discern the buried tales of the great empire, which, unfortunately, has gotten lost in history throughout the years. The ‘Hampi Utsav’, a music gala is a huge festival in the city. The whole city becomes even more alive in this time supported by the live cultural dance shows.

The whole thing is decorated with lights making the overall background of the ruins become even more beautiful. While visiting Hampi, attending this festival is a must to get the full experience of life in this city.

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10. Sikkim – For its breath-taking natural vistas

Mountain Biking in Sikkim

Sikkim is one of the most beautiful places in India; it is considered to be the ‘glittering
gem of the North-East Himalayas’. The city comprises of picturesque little villages, immaculate lakes, and Buddhist monasteries along with a beautiful background of the captivating snow-covered Himalayas. Sikkim is one of the cities with the most comfortably cold weather and is the perfect place for adventure trip in India.

The atmosphere here is tranquil and serene, thus making it very relaxing for the tourists to spend a laid back holiday. This north-eastern state, along with some very scenic trekking sites, rafting, hand gliding, paragliding, Yak safari, rock climbing, and
other activities is one of the perfect adventure destinations. This is also a very appropriate place for meditation sessions. Apart from these adventurous escapades, some of the other features of this place that attracts a lot of tourists are delicious food of Sikkim, the beautiful handcrafts, mural items, thangka paintings and also the fascinating state festivals.

Suggested Packages – 9 Nights / 10 Days – (Adventure Tour)- Leh – Pangong – Alchi

11. Sunderbans – For its enigmatic wilderness

Wildlife at Sunderban National Park

Sundarbans, in the southern part of West Bengal, is the world’s largest mangrove forest.
The forest is infested with the Royal Bengal Tigers and is one of the most famous places of the country. It is situated on the mouth of the River Ganges and the Brahmaputra. Along with the Royal Bengal Tigers, this forest also shelters innumerable species of other animals, birds and reptiles. People who are nature lovers, adventure buffs and bird watchers from across the globe love coming here.

The beauty, and the presence of different species of animals here successfully lures in many tourists. The adventures people can have here, including standing on your boat steering through the thick mangroves immersed in an utter silence that is merely broken by the murmuring of bushes, squeaking of lizards and chirping of birds, and tracking down a ferocious beast are some of the main features of this forest. Apart from the adventure trip in India, this place also gives an amazing experience of bird watching.

Suggested package – 7 Nights / 8 Days – Rajasthan Wildlife Tour with Ranthambore, Bharatpur & Sariska

12. Jim Corbett – An Adventurous Jungle Adventure

Elephant Safari in Jim Corbett National Park

Located, in the state of Uttarakhand in India, is one of the most famous tourist spots in India and one of the best place for adventure trip in India. This is the best national park in India and is famous for the royal Bengal tigers, wild elephants, and leopards. The park has welcoming resorts that allow tourists to stay closer to the animals. Jim Corbett National Park is one of the best locations in India for wildlife photography in India. The park has a very rich flora and fauna.

The Sonanadi zone, on the bank of the Ramganga Reservoir shelters many elephants, leopards, tigers and hundreds of other species of birds.

Some other attractions in this area are Corbett Tiger Reserve, Garjiya Devi Temple, Corbett Falls, Jim Corbett Museum, Ramganga Dam, and many more.

Suggested Packages – 13 Nights / 14 Days – Kerala Adventure (Family Holidays)

13. Aurangabad

Explore the Ajanta Cave

City of Aurangabad is another one of the historic cities in India in the state of Maharashtra. The city is decorated with many magnificent spots like the ‘Bibi ka Maqbara’ replicating the architecture of iconic ‘Taj’ and the tomb of Begum Rabia, Aurangzeb’s wife. These places also attract many art lovers.

The city was ruled by many Mughal rulers before and has a very rich heritage and architecture. A world UNESCO heritage site, the Ajanta and Ellora cave paintings, is also located here. One of the best parts of this city is the cultural festival named the Ellora Ajanta Festival, where a lot of people showcase their talents by dancing and singing and performing other related activities.

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These are just a few of the adventure trip in India among hundreds of such places. India wouldn’t be found to the East if Columbus hadn’t sailed the oceans, and he sailed them to find this pot of gold called India. Just like our riches in spices and condiments, India is truly a land of gold for all those adventure junkies looking for rushing blood and loud gleeful screams.

So as Mark Twain said, “Explore, Dream, Discover.”

Experience the best Adventure trip in India

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