Ramnagar Fort

Ramnagar Fort Varanasi

Ramnagar fort is a sandstone-fortified structure that was built in 18th century. It is located near the river bank. Kashi Naresh, the king of Varanasi, constructed the building. The present king, Anant Narayan Singh lives in the fort now. The fort might not have its prime shine now, but, it is an aesthetically pleasing structure.

Where is Ramnagar fort Located?

The fort is located on the eastern bank of the river. It is located 14 km away from the railway station and 2 km from the Banaras Hindu University(BHU). It is located right opposite to Tulsi Ghat.

Best Time to Visit Ramnagar Fort?

The fort is open from 10 am to 5 pm and is closed on Holi festival. The fort is opened on Sundays and public holidays too.

Why this Fort is so famous?

Ramnagar fort is a fortified building made with cream-colored sandstone built in Mughal styled architecture. The fort includes Veda Vyasa temple, Dakshin Mukhi Hanuman temple, museum, big astronomical clock, carved balconies, pavilions, open courtyards, Durbar hall and reception room. The private residence area of the king is not opened for tourists.

Museum of the fort :

The museum inside the fort is also called as Sarawati Bhawan. This bhawan was a public audience hall in the past. Today, the museum holds a rare collection of ivory works, vintage cars of America, medieval costumes, gold ornaments, silver works, sedan chairs, palanquins, old guns, elephant saddles and others.There are many books, manuscripts, Mughal miniature illustrated books and others are also found here.

Astronomical clock :

The fort contains a rare clock, which shows time, day, week, month and astronomical details about the position of planets, moon and the sun. This clock was built in 19th century by an astronomer in the court of Varanasi king.

Best time to visit Ramnagar Fort

The best time to visit the fort is during October. During this month, stage performance of Lord Ram’s life will be exhibited as a part of Dusshera celebration. During this time, the fort will be colorful and vibrant. During this performance, the royal family rides on a decorated elephant around the fort.

During monsoon season, July to September, the fort is accessible through river by ferry. Ferry ride to the fort is an important activity. Boat ride is available from Dashashwamedh Ghat and it takes around an hour to reach the fort.

During the month of January and February, many festivals will be celebrated inside the fort. Those who want to enjoy the culture of the land should choose this month. Raj Mangal is another important festival that takes place in February or March. During this festival, you can enjoy boat processions, dance performances and others.

"In general, the best time to visit the fort is between October and March. The climate will be mild and you can enjoy many festival celebrations".

Cost / Entry Fee

Cost of reaching the fort through pontoon bridge would cost 200 INR. For boat ride from DasashwamedhGhat, it would cost around 500 INR.

There is no entrance fee for the fort. The entrance fee for the museum is 20 INR for locals and 150 INR for foreigners.

History of the fort

During Mahabharata period, Ramnagar was the place where Veda Vyas lives and penanced. This fort was built as a dedication to the sage in 18th century. However, the inscriptions on the fort wall dates back to 17th century. By 18th century, many stage performances about the life of Lord Ram were staged here and thus, the place got its name, Ramnagar. In prior to that, it was called as Vyas Kashi. Kashi Naresh lived in the fort with his family and he later on built many temples inside the fort. Apart the abolishment of royal rule, the fort is now opened to tourists. The current royal family still lives inside the fort.


No restaurants are available inside the fort. Right outside the fort, there is a lassi (sweet curd drink) shop, which is famous among tourists

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