Kabir Math

Kabir Math is an attraction in Varanasi where tourists can find many Artifacts and things belonging to Kabir. Kabir is a saint who lived in 15th century. It has become a hotspot for saints and followers from various part of the country.

Where is Located ?

Kabir Math is located in Lahartara of Varanasi. It is located on Saint Kabir Road. It is located 3 km from railway station and you can find taxis and autos from any part of Varanasi to reach Kabir Math

Best Time to Visit ?

During Kabir Jayathi, you can find many devotees and many rituals will be conducted. This festival is celebrated on 13th of June. The best time to visit the temple is during winter as the climate will be pleasing for sightseeing.

What to See ?

Kabir Math was the birthplace of Kabir. He grew up in this place and today, it contains various collections related to Kabir. There is a large library filled with his works. There is a small garden, which contains many statues. Inside Kabir Math, you can find Samadhi Mandir, Chabutara Beejak temple and others.

Slipper of Kabir is also found inside the place. A little away from the Math, you can find a pond. According to legend, Kabir’s parents found him as a baby near the pond. Being childless, they took him with them to their house.

Top things to enjoy inside Kabir Math are :

  • Neeru teela, the place where he lived with his foster parents
  • Kabir’s parents’ resting place
  • Lecture hall of Kabir
  • Resting place of Kabir
  • Clay vessels, slippers and others used by Kabir
  • Well built by the king of Varanasi
  • Museum
  • Statue of king of Varanasi and many other statues
  • Meditation place
  • 600 year old contain used by Kabir for drinking water
  • An wooden necklace worn by the teacher of Kabir, Swami Ramanand
  • Handloom of Kabir when he was weaver
  • Library with 700 manuscripts of Kabir and other saints.


The museum and the garden were built right behind the original house of Poet Kabir. The details about the construction of the house is not known. The house is said to be more than 600 years old. Today, the whole place is under the control of Indian government.

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