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Batuk Bhairav Temple

It is one of best temples in Varanasi, which is dedicated to Kaal Bhairav, a ferocious form of Lord Shiva. The temple is very famous among Aghoris (saints). Common men also visit this temple. An eternal lamp inside the temple is said to be burning forever.

  • Where Batuk Bhairav Temple is Located?

    The temple is located in Kamccha of Varanasi. You can find many transportation options to reach the temple from any main area of Varanasi.

  • Best Time to Visit Batuk Bhairav Temple ?

    The temple is open throughout the year. The best time to visit is winter when the climate is pleasing. The temple is open from 4 in the morning till 12:30 pm

  • What to See in Batuk Bhairav Temple ?

    The temple is famous among Aghoris. You ought to spot Akhand Deep, a light that is burning forever. The oil from this lamp is said to cure many diseases. You can find many dogs inside the temple. During rituals, the dogs make a conch sound. The oil from the lamp is said to cure dog bite if applied immediately.

  • Cost / Entry Fee of Batuk Bhairav Temple

    There is no entry fee for the temple. Camera and video camera are allowed inside the temple.

  • History of Batuk Bhairav Temple

    Bhairav Nath or Lord Shiva’s child form is worshipped as Batuk Bhairav. It is said that the God was born from the third eye of Lord Shiva.The temple has been itched along with the history of Varanasi for several centuries and there are no details to when the temple was actually built. There are many miracles connected with the temple that can be heard as folklore.

  • Eating place and shopping centres in Batuk Bhairav Temple

    Flowers and ritual items can be bought from the shops outside the temple. It is not mandatory to buy from the shops. Footwear can be left in the shops before entering the temple.

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