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Lalita Ghat

Lalita Ghat in Varanasi

One of the famous ghats in Varanasi is Lalita Ghat. This ghat is famous for Nepal temple, photographers and painters. The ghat is named after Goddess Lalita.

  • Where Lalita Ghat is Located?

    The ghat is located just 4 km away from Varanasi junction railway station. It is very close to Manikarnia Ghat.

  • What to See?

    What? Nepal Mandir is an important attraction for those visiting the ghat. It is a Shiva temple built in Nepal style with wood, terracotta and stone. The wood used for the temple construction is termite proof and,tamarind trees and peepal trees surround the temple. The temple has erotic sculptures similar to that of the ones in Khajuraho and thus, the temple is also called as mini-Khajuraho.

    During festival time and auspicious days, you can find music parties near the ghat. There is also a large temple dedicated to Vishnu, Ganga Keshava. Women visit Lalita Gauri temple in the ghat to worship for the prosperity of their family. There are two monasteries and a hospice near the ghat.

    Lalita palace near the ghat is a two-tier structure. There are a few shrines of 18th century and images belonging to 12th century. An image of River Ganges as a goddess can be found here. The goddess is seen riding on a crocodile. The river goddess’ image submerges into the river every year during the floods. You can find a few painters in the ghat during tourism season.

  • History of Lalita Ghat

    A Nepal King, Rana Bahadur Shah visited Varanasi as a part of his exile in the beginning of 19th century. He disguised as Swami Nirgunanda and during his exile, he built a Nepal temple, which is a replica of Pashupatinath temple. During the construction, he left to Nepal and got killed. Later, his son took up the job and built the temple. The northern part of the ghat was rebuilt in 19th century and the southern part was built in 20th century.

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