Weekend Getaways from Delhi to Rajasthan

If you have some spare time in your calendar, why waste it by being idle? The country is never devoid of magical destinations, no matter where you are. There is always a weekend getaways spot around the corner. You can find magnificent tourism magnets or secluded spots free from hassles of modernity and commercialization.

Starting from Delhi to Rajasthan, here are the top ten weekend getaways you should try.

1. Sariska National Park

Ranthambore and Bharatpur are quite common among nature lovers. However, Sariska is an equally important national park to spot tigers and other wild animals. Located in Alwar, closer to Jaipur, this 800 square km of national reserve gives the best combination of steep cliffs surrounded by rocky landscapes, deciduous forests, grasslands and much more.

Top animals to spot in this park are leopards, hyenas, Indian tigers, peafowls, woodpeckers, crocodiles, sambhar deer and others. The Jai Samand Lake is the best spot to find thirsty animals coming up for drinking, crocodiles, sea water snake, amphibians and others.

  • Distance from Jaipur – 110 km
  • Distance from Delhi – 202.1 km
  • Distance from Udaipur – 502 km

Nearest airport – Sanganer Airport of Jaipur (110 km)

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2. Alwar

Sariska National Park is not the only attraction of Alwar. This historic destination of Maharana Pratap has its wealth in monuments and history. The land is covered by Aravali Ranges, giving it the moody look perfect for photography. The lush sceneries of the Alwar is glittered up with the rugged stone monuments like Sariska Van Abhyaranya, Bala-Quila, Silished and others.

  • Distance from Delhi – 165.7 km
  • Distance from Udaipur – 538 km
  • Distance from Jaipur – 162 km

Nearest airport – Sanganer Airport of Jaipur (162 km)

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3. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

If you were into photography and birds, Bharatpur would be a perfect weekend getaways spot. This wetland bird sanctuary is one of the iconic tourist destinations located in Rajasthan. This reserve region holds more than 250 species of birds and the best time to visit this place is during the migration season. Brij Festival is celebrated in a grand manner here, if you are looking for cultural activities.

  • Distance from Jaipur – 186.8 km
  • Distance from Udaipur – 580.5 km
  • Distance from Delhi – 220.4 km
  • Nearest airport – Agra airport (56 km)

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4. Jaipur

This pink-hued city of Rajasthan is a stand-alone tourism destination. The list of palaces, forts and others. Top attractions to enjoy in Jaipur are Amber Fort, Nahargarh Fort, City Palace, Jaigarh Fort, Jal Mahal, markets of Jaipur and others.

Top souvenirs to buy in Jaipur are handicrafts, cloth, turbans, delicious delicacies, leather articles and so on. Best time to visit the city is during any cultural festival. Jaipur is the land with epitome of cultural awe-ness.

Top festivals to enjoy in Jaipur are Kite Festival, Teej, Camel Festival, Gangaur, Elephant Festival and so on.

  • Distance from Delhi– 272 km
  • Distance from Udaipur – 393.5 km
  • Distance from Jodhpur – 335.4 km

Nearest airport – Sanganer Airport (11 km)

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5. Samode Palace

This palace is located in the Aravali ranges of Rajasthan. The palace is a great example of Indo-Sarsanic architecture and is an exclusive romantic accommodation chosen by honeymooners. This elegance piece of architecture has an extraordinary interior with collection of antiques, paintings and sculptures of bygone era.

  • Distance from Udaipur – 400 km
  • Distance from Jaipur – 7.2 km
  • Distance from Delhi – 265 km

Nearest airport – Sanganer Airport of Jaipur (45 km)

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6. Pushkar

This is a pilgrimage destination, thanks to the divinity of the Pushkar Lake that borders many unique and ancient temples. The most striking temple of all is the Brahma Temple. It is said that it is one of the very few destinations around the globe where there is a separate temple for Lord Brahma.

If you are up for some antique shopping, you can find traditional weapons, old ornaments of silver and others. If you are up for some interesting outdoor activities, the best are fire camping, camel safari, watching Kalbalia dance performance and much more. Best time to visit Pushkar is during the Pushkar Camel Fair, which takes place in November.

  • Distance from Delhi – 413 km
  • Distance from Jaipur – 144.8 km
  • Distance from Udaipur – 277.2 km

Nearest airport – Sanganer Airport of Jaipur (146 km)

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7. Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambhore National Park

The evergreen destination of Rajasthan and an eminent part of numerous luxury train itineraries, the Ranthambore National Park of Sawai Madhopur is an exclusive big cat spotting destination. Wildlife safari is the cliché activity of this region. Three major lakes fertile this land and these lakeshores are the best spot to find tigers.

Within its boundary, the ancient Ranthambore Fort stands as a ruin and it is considered as a best spot for birdwatching and photography.

  • Distance from Udaipur – 409 km
  • Distance from Jaipur – 150.5 km
  • Distance from Delhi – 392.6 km

Nearest airport – Sanganer Airport of Jaipur (145 km)

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8. Mandawa

Are you up for some royal sightseeing in a least crowded architectural paradise? It is time to drive towards Mandawa. This less traveled tourist beauty is a castle town with numerous beauties and best of all is the royal fort of the 19th century, which is now open as a heritage hotel. The classic artworks and the awe-inspiring structural design of yesteryear gives a real regal look to your vacation.

  • Distance from Delhi – 256 km
  • Distance from Jaipur – 170 km
  • Distance from Udaipur – 497 km

Nearest airport – Sanganer Airport of Jaipur (167 km)

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9. Karauli

This art city is all up for architecture buffs. The city is dotted with antique shrines, havelis, chatrris and other Mughal constructions. Located on the bank of River Bhadrawati, this city is the right place for some slow-paced vacation and for rejuvenation. Top monuments to visit in Karauli are Kalyanji temple, Madan Mohan ji temple, Kaila Devi Sanctuary and others.

  • Distance from Udaipur – 132 km
  • Distance from Agra – 119 km
  • Distance from Jodhpur – 401 km
  • Distance from Kota – 189 km
  • Distance from Delhi – 330 km

Nearest airport – Sanganer Airport of Jaipur. (Jaipur Airport) (170 km)

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10. Kota

This hadoti region of Rajasthan is the land of picnic spots and best weekend getaways. You can find numerous sites for sightseeing and a few architectural beauties. The Rajput infused skyline of this region is one of the impressive architectural destinations of India. The vibrant beauty of the city comes from its shade of the bygone era. You can find many hunting lodges, temples, gardens, havelis, Water Park and much more.

  • Distance from Jaipur – 245 km
  • Distance from Jodhpur – 335 km
  • Distance from Delhi – 517 km
  • Distance from Udaipur -290 km

Nearest airport – Sanganer Airport of Jaipur (245 km)

Not all the weekend getaways spots are at the prime beauty throughout the year. Before plan your trip you have to choose your list of destinations for the week, it is best to surf about the destination, best time to visit and the right transportation to use.

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