Dilli Haat – Shopping Hub & Biggest Market of Delhi

Visiting Delhi without going to Dilli Haat is an incomplete journey. It is an open-air marketplace where you will get innumerable items. It is an ultimate shopping destination for all shopaholics. Dilli Haat is a brand in itself. Ask the locals, and you will get to hear all the good things about the place. Various sections are there under one umbrella and each stall has colourful and vibrant items.

Hence, it is called the market of Delhi. It is really popular among the locals, national and international tourists for its colourful items.

Entry fees of Dilli Haat

  • Rs. 30 per head for Indian
  • Rs. 10 per children and
  • Rs. 100 per head For Foreigners

Opening time of Dilli Haat

10.30 a.m to 10.00 p.m everyday.

Know the history of Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat is an amalgamation of D.C. Handlooms, Delhi Tourism, Ministry of Tourism and Textile, New Delhi Municipal Corporation and D.C. Handicrafts. With the joint initiative of the Indian Government and Delhi State, this marketplace was established to increase the tourist’s attraction and the value of the city.

The market promotes local artisans, handicrafts, hand-made items, locally made items, cuisines. The local artisans get a place to promote their hand-made goods and make a profit from selling to the customers. Also, in this marketplace, people organize cultural programs all through the year, which promotes traditional, folk and regional art forms of India. It is a perfect destinations for tourists to know the rich culture of India.

Since its inception in the year 1994, Dilli Haat also has its branches in Janakpuri (West Delhi) and Pitampura (North Delhi). With each year, the popularity of Dilli Haat is increasing day by day. People coming here from all walks of life to enjoy a day with friends, family. Shop, dine and enjoy the perfect day-out.

Also, this marketplace is a promotional platform where you will get Indian ethnic crafts and art forms. Both in shopping and exhibition section, you will find footwear, jewelry, handloom, textile, and drapery. Hence, this place is popular among foreigners and locals. Traders and artisans who want to exhibit their products in this marketplace have to give a nominal amount of Rs. 100 on an everyday basis.

Also, small scale business and start-up business in art and fashion industry find this place as a launching site. Also, this place becomes the first host of Comic-Con i.e. India’s first convention in comic.

Dilli Haat is a perfect example of India’s rich culture, craft, and race. Here, one can get exposure and recognition to show culinary skills and artworks. Small business owners get real help establishing their stall in this market place. You cannot serve the culture of India in one platter because of its diverse range.

But, Dilli Haat is a little effort to showcase a portion of diverse culture under one place. And, it is really doing a good job since its establishment.

From Kashmir to Down South India and from Gujrat to Arunachal Pradesh, you will get various local items and foods that completes your entire visit in this property. The weavers also give you first-hand knowledge on the handloom, which is another interesting twist of this place.

As you travel around the stalls, you will find that local artisans are making the items in front of you and selling the same to the customers. The local artisans bring the environment and people close to each other. All the products are eco-friendly and good for society.

India is rich in the textile industry and this marketplace promotes quality products that you will not get outside. The price varies due to various factors but they are original and long lasting for you to use later.

Dilli Haat is a renowned market for car-free. The organizers want people to come here, relax, shop, eat and enjoy quality time with near and dear ones. Both commerce and crafts witness tough competition in the market and therefore people want both of them survive without affecting each other’s existence.

Things to do in Dilli Haat

Shopping at Dilli Haat

The main concept of Dilli Haat is to provide economic exposure to the local craftsmen and artisans. From foreigners to locals, everyone loves to visit this place and shop till they drop.

The charm and essence of traditional home décor items, jewelry and clothes are impeccable. People love to have a traditional collection in their home or wardrobe because it shows their taste for Indian culture.

Also, they love to shop traditional items because of their craftsmanship and fair price. The categories from which you can choose are innumerable. You can choose the following things from the fashion section:

Phulkari Dupatta

Shopping at Dilli Haat

Phulkari Dupatta

It is a popular thread work of Punjab and you will get various designs of Phulkari in dupattas and stoles. Also, you will get Phulkari Kurtis in various sizes. They are available in various colors as well. You can pair them with jeans for the indo-western look and ethnic look. A stole ranges Rs. 700 to 800 while a dupatta is Rs. 1200-1500 and a kurta is Rs.300 to 600.

Kashmiri Shawls

Shopping at Dilli Haat

Kashmiri Shawls

You will various intricate design Kashmiri shawls and stoles. The Kashmiri embroidery is beautiful but does not confuse it with a pashmina. These stoles price Rs.1000 while the shawls price Rs. 1500. You can style them with ethnic and western outfits.

Home décor

Shopping at Dilli Haat

Home Decor

If you are someone who loves to decorate your house with affordable yet beautiful items, then this place is just the right choice for you. You will various types of home décor stuff, showpieces, Madhubani paintings, and other art forms. Depending on the artwork, the size of the items, the price range varies. A small addition of this home décor item creates a big impact on the overall appearance of the home.


Neck Pieces


Girls love jewelry and you will get neck pieces, jhumkis, anklets, bracelets, maang tikas and many more. From glass to silver oxidized jewelry, you will get everything in jewelry sections. The colorful junk jewelry pieces are attractive, stylish and unique. But they are a little expensive compared to other markets. Hence, you will get collections that are available in a wide range.


Shopping at Dilli Haat


Are you a fan of colorful and cute baskets, then this place has to offer you the best baskets. One can use these baskets for multipurpose uses. They are available in various styles, sizes, and prices. Jute bags are also popular in this market. You will get a big basket of Rs. 900 to 1000 and the small one’s price Rs. 500 to 600.

Paper Mache

The paper mache lampshades are hand painted and there are innumerable varieties. You will get confused on which one to buy as all the items are intricate, flawless and unique. The price range of these lampshades is Rs. 1000 to 2000. They are hand painted and that is why they are expensive.


Khadi is the original fabric of India and its popularity is worldwide. You will get Nehru Jacket, khadi coat, shirts and Kurtis for boys and girl respectively. Wearing khadi during summer is a perfect choice. You can choose great colors and they will cost you Rs 400 to 800.


Shopping at Dilli Haat


Leather stuff is also available and you will get laptop bags, suitcases, side purse, jackets and wallets in various price ranges. It adds a great style to your fashion statement and makes you look cool.


Shopping at Dilli Haat


This thread work is popular in Lucknow but it is a good recognition all over India. You will find this work in kurtas, stoles, suits, sarees and the designs are to die for. From bright colors to pastel colors, you will get innumerable items. There is a large number of stalls selling chinkankari pieces and ready-made items that you can opt for.

Kantha works

Both locals and foreign tourists love this work and it is available in saree with a wide range of colors that are really worth the money. It is lightweight, comfortable and easy to wear in your daily life.

Juttis and Kholapuris

Shopping at Dilli Haat

Juttis and Kholapuris

The intricate designs of juttis make them a favorite choice among the buyers. You can spend up to Rs. 400 rupees for one pair. They are really good and goes well with Indian and western look.

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Dining at Dilli Haat

You will get different types of stalls of food items. There are a variety of cuisines that will full your appetite. The various food items satisfy your taste buds. After a hefty shopping experience, refresh yourself with Nimbu Paani or Smoothies that are easily available in this marketplace.

Apart from this you can also try some Delicious Delhi Cuisine

Fairs & Festivals at Dilli Haat

  • Mango Festival starts from 9 July 2019 to 10 July 2019.
  • Great Indian Food Festival held between November to January.
  • Teej Festival held in August.
  • Thai Goods Festival at Dilli Haat held in December.

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How to Reach Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat is located opposite of INA market and due to its perfect central location, the place is easily accessible. You can get down to INA metro station and walk a few meters to enter Dilli Haat. In 2003, Dilli Haat introduces the facility of wheelchair, which makes it accessible for people to spend some more time in the marketplace without getting exhausted.

Want to know How to Reach Delhi. Just follow the link.

Nearby Attractions

Altogether there are sixty-two stalls in the Dilli Haat. The Exhibition Hall is the latest addition where all the exhibition fairs take place. Come to Dilli Haat and have fun with lots of shopping and dining at Dilli Haat experience. Dilli Haat is the famous tourist spot to visit in Delhi

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