Best Time To Visit Jaipur

The weather of the city is dry and hot. The highest temperature is reached during April and May. The temperature remains relatively dry and hot, throughout the year. This is due to the semi-arid hot climate caused by the desert close to the city.

  • Summer Season

    The summer starts by the end of March and ends by June. The summer is very hot and humid. The temperature can reach as high as 45 degree C and does not fall below 25 degree C. Rainfall is very rare during this season. Sightseeing becomes hard due to increased humidity. You can find better deals in hotels and tickets during this season. Luxury trains do not run for a few months during this season. If you are planning to visit during summer, remember to carry water always. Wear light cotton clothing and carry an umbrella to protect you from sun. Sunscreen lotion is necessary.

  • Monsoon Season

    Monsoon starts in July and ends by September. End of June and early October also receives mild showers. Showers will be mild and short. Floods are not common here. The rain brings down the temperature and the city will be pleasant to watch. However, the humidity of the place will be high. Sightseeing is hard with frequent showers making the routes marshy. You can find avid photographers during this season to capture the beauty of the land in shower. If you are planning to visit during monsoon, pack thick shoes and plenty of socks. An umbrella is necessary.

  • Winter Season

    Winter starts by October and ends by March. The temperature can go as low as 5 degree C. Carry thick clothing. Jaipur does not receive snowfall. Rainfall is rare during this time. The temperature can go as high as 22 degree C. The humidity will be less and sightseeing will be at ease. Nights are very cold and if you are planning on taking any night sightseeing trip, thick coat is essential.

  • Best Time to Visit in Jaipur

    Winter is the best time to visit Jaipur. All the attractions will be at prime beauty, water bodies will be filled with water and sightseeing will be easier. The demand for tourism services including tickets, hotels, cabs and others will be very high and thus, you need to pre-book the services at least a couple of months in prior to your travel. The tourism spots will be crowded during this season. The worst time to visit is summer. If you are travelling with infants, it is better to avoid summer at any cost.