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Varanasi Tours Packages

Experience Ultimate Spirituality on the Holistic Ghats of Ganges in Varanasi

Varanasi is one of the most sacred cities located in the northern part of India. It is also known as Banaras/ Benares or Kashi, which is situated on the banks of the holy Ganges in Uttar Pradesh, India. This spiritual city is located 320 km towards the south-east of Lucknow, and 121 km towards the east of Allahabad. It is also considered as the spiritual capital of India, as it is a home to several temples and many popular ghats. Among the seven sacred cities of India, Varanasi is known as the holiest according to Hinduism and Jainism, therefore playing a major role in the expansion of Buddhism.

Varanasi is better known for its diversities and spirituality. It is one of the most frequented travel destinations of India known worldwide for its bathing Ghats lined alongside the sacred River Ganges. Being considered as one of the holiest places in the world, the city is visited by millions of international travelers and Hindu pilgrims from India and off the shore every year. Visitors come to this enchanted city with the purpose of spiritual enlightenment and salvation.

Varanasi being a beautiful city offers its visitors with opportunities to carry various activities and experience uniqueness. The city of lights- Varanasi is named after two rivers- the Varuna and Asi. The city of Varanasi is illuminated with numerous lights, floating earthen lamps, candles, and large metallic lamps or Jyotis. The city is considered auspicious by the Hindus, as it perfectly combines the physical and spiritual worlds. According to Hinduism, the Ganges offer Moksha or salvation (release from the cycle of birth & death) and so it is reckoned as a place to perform several rituals. This majestic land will keep you enthralled and mesmerized with its notable Ghats lined by numerous Sadhus and Saints.

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