Vintage Classic Cars Museum

Vintage Car Museum Udaipur

The Vintage Classic Cars Museum is the place to be for all enthusiasts of luxury classic vehicles. Hand picked by the royal family of Udaipur, this museum uniquely houses vintage classic cars that are more than 70 years old. Moreover, what’s great is that all of these cars are in perfect working conditions.

Where is the Vintage Classic Cars Museum located ?

The vintage classic cars museum is located within the grounds of the Garden Hotel and comprises of a variety of classic vehicles. There are the old beauties like Cadillac, Morais, Chevalate and more.

Unique feature of the Vintage Classic Cars Museum

  • The museum boasts of a great collection of classic cars more than 70 years old.

  • Some of the most well-recognized beauties include the infamously regal Rolls Royce Phantom, Cadillac, Austin, Morais, Chevalate and more.

  • All these cars are maintained to perfect working conditions.

  • These rides have belonged to the royal lineage for decades and are still the property of the presiding Maharana.

  • The cars will be a natural inheritance to the former Maharanas of the royal house .

  • While previously these cars were bought as the kings’ own luxury rides, but presently the royals do not indulge in their safaris

  • The guests at the Garden Hotel can have the unique advantage of cruising aboard one of these luxury cars as an aristocratic safari.

  • Many of the newest cars to the collection were later made as a collectible and not as a ride person

History of the Vintage Classic Cars Museum

The Vintage Museum of Classic Cars was opened for the public on the February of 2000 along with the entire palace. The cars are maintained and painstakingly restored to their original glory and are perfectly running. They are all kept in their former princely home titled the Mewar Motor Garage which is a glorious setting for the rides of kings. The garage dates back to the time when the state only had a few vehicles which were all housed inside the Mewar motor garage. There is a beautiful bougainvillea covered courtyards leading up to the semi-circular garage, which provides a good hideout for these vintage beauties. The garage as well as the Garden Hotel and Restaurant adjacent to the garage now belong to the HRH Group of Hotels.

Accomodation near City Palace

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  • Hotel Vishnupriya
  • Hotel Padmini Palace
  • Uddhav Vilas Hotel
  • Deep Palace Hotel
  • Hotel the Space

Tips for travelers

  • Opening and closing time of the museum: 9 am to 8 pm .

  • The entrance fee for the museum is INR 150 for adults and INR 95 for children under the age of 12 years.

  • You can also take a complete package of INR 225 which also includes vegetarian lunch at the venue.

  • The cars are running and one can take a royal safari of the vehicle if they are the exclusive guests of the Garden Hotel

  • How to Reach Vintage Car Museum

    The Vintage and Classic Car Museum is nestled on the Lake Palace Road, which is near the popular Gulab Bagh Zoo. You can access this destination by road through a personal vehicle or public transport. Once you reach Udaipur, you must visit Udaipur Bus Depot or Udiapole to reach 1.5 km. It is situated near the mesmerizing Pichola Lake.

    Best Time to Visit Vintage Car Museum

    You can plan your trip between October to March to get the best experience and create some beautiful memories in the Vintage and Classic Car Museum.

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