Festival Of Udaipur

The most interesting part of India is its colorful festivals. A heritage-filled site like Udaipur will be at prime beauty during festival season. The colorful activities and unique rituals are both a blessing to eyes and heart. If you are a photo enthusiast, you ought to visit Udaipur during festivals. Moreover, there will be many fairs and exhibitions taking place during festivals making souvenir shopping easier.

Festival is the best time to enjoy traditional music, dance, folk activities, religious rituals, cultural events like puppet shows and to enjoy special delicacies. Here are the top colourful fairs & festivals to enjoy in Udaipur.

  • Mewar festival

    • When : March/April according to lunar calendar
    • What : Processions, rituals, cultural events, photography, dance and folk songs
    • Duration : One day
    • Religion : All religions

    Mewar festival is celebrated to enjoy the arrival of spring. It is the major festival of the state. It is celebrated in Udaipur in the grandest manner possible. You can find women dressed in traditional attire. You can find processions that take place towards Lake Pichola. Deity of Lord Shiva and Lord Parvati are decorated and dropped off in the lake, as a part of the ritual. Many special boats will be used to immerse deities into the water. You can find many colorful activities like cultural events, dances and songs.

  • Shilpgram Art Fair

    • When : November or December based on lunar calendar
    • What : Handicraft exhibition and fair, shopping, music and dance festival and others.
    • Duration : 10 days
    • Religion : All religions

    This fair takes place in Shilpgram, which is located just three km away from Udaipur. You can find many types of transportations from various parts of the city to reach Shilpgram. The main aim of this fair is to promote art and craft of the region. Shilpgram Art Fair is the exhibition includes products like mirror works, hand woven cloths, pottery, camel leather items and other items. This is the best place for souvenir shopping at a very cheap rate. You can find various types of craft items that are rare to get in other parts of the state. Apart from stalls, you can find traditional music and dance performances during this fair.

  • Diwali

    • When : October or November based on lunar calendar
    • What : crackers, fireworks, night sky gazing, rituals and tasting delicacies
    • Duration : one day
    • Religion : Hindu

    This marks the day when Ram returned to his kingdom after his exile. It is said that the people of Ayodhya welcomed the king with fireworks and earthen lamps. People burst crackers and fireworks to celebrate the day. The best part of this festival is to enjoy the night sky filled with hundreds of colorful fireworks throughout the night. The festival is celebrated throughout the country. You can find special rituals in the temples during this festival.

  • Teej festival

    • When : July or August according to lunar calendar
    • What : swings, rituals and others
    • Duration : one day
    • Religion : Hindu

    This is the festival of swings. Many swings will be tied on the trees and decorated with flowers. You can find young girls playing in the swings. Married women take part in rituals and pray for the welfare of their husbands. This festival takes place during monsoon season. Swinging in the rain is an excelling activity and it isone of the best times for photography.

  • Dussehra

    • When : October
    • What : Stage performance, puppet shows, dance performance, rituals and others
    • Duration : ten days
    • Religion : Hindu

    This festival is celebrated for two different reasons. It also denotes the ten-day battle between Ram and Raavan. It is also celebrated as the victory of Durga over Mahisasura. You can find many stage performances explaining the mythical stories throughout the celebration. Special delicacies are available throughout Udaipur during this festival. At the end of the festival, a huge ten-headed Raavan made with straw is set fire to denote the destruction of evil.

  • Hariyali Amavasya

    • When : July or August as per lunar calendar
    • What : rituals, fairs and others
    • Duration : two days
    • Religion : Hindu

    This celebration is conducted on no-moon day during monsoon season. This celebration takes place near Fateh Sagar Lake. People take up a path and perform rituals for their ancestors. Special rituals take place in Shiva temples in Udaipur. A fair that stretches for two days is conducted mainly for womenfolk.

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