Weather in Kerala

Kerala is blessed with the azure waters of the sea and shaded by the leafy coconut trees that surround the entirety of the province of Kerala. Go to the immaculate beaches and lie over the sun-kissed sands to get a good tan. Sip a coconut and refresh your weary soul. Wander in the evenings along the shores and feel the soothing sea breeze on your face. The climate of Kerala will purify your soul. Neither is it too hot nor is it too cold, though it rains heavily there. The climate of Kerala changes to some extent with the season and thus, it is essential to know the weather of Kerala while choosing the Best Time to Visit Kerala.

Weather in Kerala - Relaxing tropical sunshine

The weather of Kerala can be divided into 3 seasons, which are Winter, Summer, and Monsoon. Read on further for information on weather conditions of Kerala.

Weather in Summer - The Tranquil Summers

Kerala experiences hot summer months. The maximum temperature in Kerala goes upto 35o Celsius. The impressive thing about the weather of Kerala is that although it lies in the humid tropical wet climate contour, it does not experience a continues dry spell as is in rest of India.

The weather in Summer of Kerala is much favorable, you can enjoy your holiday trip to the mist-clad hills stations of Kerala and kick off the heat amidst the lush green tea gardens.

Weather in Monsoons - The Unforgettable Monsoons

Going to Kerala during monsoons is an experience in itself. You will always remember the rains if you experience them in Kerala. Kerala experiences monsoons twice a year.

The southwest monsoons winds bring heavy rainfall in the months of May to July. In the months of October-November, Kerala receives another good dose of rainfall from northeast monsoons.

So let the revitalizing Kerala's climate refresh you and wash away stress. Moreover, you can also get a lifetime Ayurveda massage only during the monsoons. So step out.

Weather in Winters - Experience Highly atmospheric winter sun holidays

Without a doubt, take a boat cruise on backwaters and experience winters from a different angle. Kerala hardly has cold winters. Mornings are pleasantly warm and evenings are mildly chilly. People do not wear woolen clothes. Just full sleeved shirts are enough for sustaining the chill. The minimum temperature goes upto 20o Celsius in winter.

Kerala winter temperatures are marginally lower, but the major factor is rain.