Best Time To Visit Udaipur

Udaipur is a year-round attraction. The place has considerably a little warmer climate than usual due to its proximity to desert region. The humidity and temperature are high due to the geographical location of the region.

  • Summer Season

    Summer starts in March or sometimes in the end of February and ends by June. The summers are very hot and humid. Rainfall is very rare. The temperature can go as high as 44 degree C and as low as 23 degree C. The water bodies will not have ample amount of water. The place will have very hot and dehydrating climate. This is the season to avoid at all cost. However, this is also the right season to get better deals in hotel and tickets. Crowd will be less in heritage spots and sightseeing areas here. Birdwatching is not at peak during this season.

    If travelling during summer, remember to take ample amount of drinking water with you during sightseeing. Wear light cotton cloths. Avoid thick socks and wear sandals. Always have an umbrella with you. Avoid noon sightseeing. Evenings will be mildly pleasant here.

  • Monsoon Season

    The starting time of rainy season varies from year to year. Usually, the rainfall starts by middle of June or early July. The rainfall continues till end of September or early October. The place receives moderate rainfall. Drizzling is very common during this season. Hail never occurs here. Always carry an umbrella with you. Sightseeing might be a little uncomfortable due to frequent rains but the place will be very refreshing during this season. Best time for photography and romantic vacations. During heavy rains, boating might be stopped temporarily.

    If travelling during monsoon, wear mildly thick clothing. Thick shoes and socks are preferred. Always carry an umbrella or use raincoat.

  • Winter Season

    Winter starts by October and ends by March. This is the time when you can find many migration birds here during winter. The temperature can go as low as 5 degree C. Nights are colder and if you are planning a night sightseeing trip, you need to carry a coat or shawl. The place will be green and fresh with recent rains. Snowfall never occurs in Udaipur. Storms are less likely during winter.

    If visiting during winter, wear thick clothing. Thick shoes and socks are essential. Carry moisturizing cream as skin gets dried easily during winter.

  • Best Time to Visit Udaipur

    The peak tourism season starts in October and ends in March. You can find many festivals during this season. All tourism spots will be at prime beauty during this season. The climate is pleasing during winter. The demand for services related to tourism like hotels, tickets and others will be very high. It is essential to pre-book all necessary amenities.

    Monsoon is also a good time for tourism. Many fairs and exhibitions takes place during monsoon. You can find many honeymooners during monsoon and winter. Summer is the worst time to visit Udaipur.

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